Three years after the release of their last album, Green Day released three albums simultaneously, a trilogy collectively known as ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre! The American punk band invited aspiring filmmakers to pick any song from one of their three new albums and create a music video to represent what the song means to them.

The winner will not only have their video featured on Green Days's official website, but will also receive a Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital Camera and be featured in an interview on Green Day's website. Additionally, four finalists have been picked, and each of their videos will be featured on the website as well.

Kyle Stein won this contest with his animated music video "Nuclear Family." This was Kyle's first Flash animation, and as he was concerned an animated video wouldn't qualify for the contest we're sure he was pleasantly surprised when his video won both the winner and the highest voted. Good job, Kyle!

Winner: Kyle Stein

Below are the videos from finalists Eric Thomas Crave, Jacob Fitzgerald, Cristian Scardigno, and Jamison Donoho. Congratulations guys!


Eric Thomas Crave


Jacob Fitzgerald


Cristian Scardigno


Jamison Donoho


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