Technology has always lagged behind our imagination, but the creative world is starting to catch up. Consequently, this is opening the door for the creation of futuristic and dynamic content like virtual reality. The pandemic has only sped up this demand, with the world needing more experiential content to fill the void of real-time engagement.

Enter Reality House - our brand new sister platform dedicated to showcasing the world of mixed reality and the people behind it. Championing the future of creativity, Reality House enables creators to share their specialized work, connect with others, access topical content, enhance their skills and work on briefs from top brands. 


Mixed reality content is increasingly in demand by audiences and brands who want to find meaningful ways to connect with them. After months of research we established that there’s an abundance of creators and a wealth of demand for this kind of content and artwork, but a lack of platform providing shareability, access, education, and inspiration. 

We wanted to be that global platform, providing support and access for the creatives who're stepping into the future of content. Reality house aims to provide you with the tools, the platform, and the access to work with them. This is the destination for creators; Your creativity knows no bounds, so why should you? 

We also know that while creative work is brilliantly stimulating, in order for it to be sustainable, it also needs to provide you with an income - and that can be the tricky bit! With this in mind, we wanted to ensure that this platform not only allows you to get your work seen but also connects you with big-name brands for collaborations and briefs. 

We’re excited to be able to provide these opportunities - which include some of the most state-of-the-art and innovative collaborations happening in the world right now! Take our collaboration with Warner Music on the Dua Lipa VR Instagram filter as an example of the kind of work we are connecting creatives with. 

As well as providing creatives with a space to share and access work, we’ll also be publishing our own original content specializing in mixed reality, so you can get informed, inspired, and learn new ways to create work. 

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If you’re already working within this creative sphere, looking to grow your skills, or considering trying new and exciting ways of working, then Reality House is a necessity. Sign up the mailing list now and follow us on Instagram to stay ahead of the curve.