Good news for creators over on Instagram. Live stream badges are now available to all eligible creatives in the US, offering a new way for creators to monetize their platform. Hooray!

The update has been available to selected creators over the past few months, with live stream viewers able to purchase badges from as little as $0.99 and up to $4.99, putting money straight in their favourite creator's pockets. A heart badge then appears next to the viewer's comment, giving the commenter a higher chance of being noticed, as well as the creator an opportunity to interact with their fans.

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Noticed a new ‘Apply for Monetization’ option in your IG dashboard? It's your lucky day. 

Here Instagram breaks down the process.

“Creators who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to apply by going to “Profile” and tapping “Professional Dashboard”. If they’re eligible, but not yet approved for monetization, they can apply in-app by tapping “Apply for monetization” and check their Professional Dashboard for status updates.” 

Wondering if you are eligible? To access the live badges you must hit the following criteria. 

Over 18? Check. 

Have a Creator or Business account in the app? Check. 

Have over 10k followers? Check. 

Then all you need is to be compliant with the platform’s various partner monetization policies and community guidelines and you are good to go. Oh, and for now you must also be based in the US. Sorry about that. 

Across the big social apps battle for the brightest creative talent is hotting up. This update is Instagram setting the bar for the growing slate of creator monetization tools encouraging creators to keep posting on their respective platforms. From February to March this year Instagram says that it saw a 70% increase in live-stream viewership, a trend that many creators will hope to cash in on. 

"We want Instagram to be the best place for creators to tell their story, grow their audience and make a living. This is another step forward in our vision to build a suite of tools that help creators make money through branded content, shopping, content monetization, and direct support from fans," states Instagram.


Similar drives from Instagram include its Reels bonuses program, part of Meta’s billion-dollar funding initiative for creators and based on various content performance drivers. Also, its digital storefront option for affiliated creators, and a new ‘Partnerships’ messaging folder to streamline the brand collaboration process. Some ideas in the pipeline also include gated content and user subscriptions, amongst others . 

Live badges are the latest update to the party but certainly won’t be the last. A great option for those looking to build their online presence, enhance community connection, and importantly, make money, when it comes to getting the most out of your accounts, Instagram has got your back.