We've partnered with Arts Help because we want you to receive huge amounts of funding (or small amounts, whatever you want really) to create art that addresses climate change. 

The submission deadline is approaching, and there are only a few days left to get your proposal together. Sometimes you need a burst of creativity just at the time when your brain's decided to shut down all creative action for a while. We get it. It can be hard to find inspiration in a world with a horrifying news cycle, so let us provide some solid sources and examples of creativity around climate change. 

Here's a sample proposal created by a Talenthouse Staff Member for your inspiration

As a reminder, we've got 5 great examples of BIG art that addresses climate change here, and some beautiful artwork about climate change from the Talenthouse Community, here

1. Google's beautiful Renewable Energy story


Google Arts & Culture put together a beautiful parallex story illustrating how the world's energy sources have been used in works of art from hundreds of years ago. 

Addressing solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, biofuel and hydropower, this is a stunning example of how thoughts around energy sources can be translated into art pieces, and provides plenty of food for thought about what else could be created.

2. Sculptures that double up as renewable energy sources

A detailed round-up of large-scale sculptures that also function as sources of energy. For example, gigantic solar-powered sunflowers which feed the energy they amass back into the grid to power the city of Austin, or three spiral vortices connected to a live database so that they can visually represent the changes in the weather in the three cities they represent.

solar sunflowers.jpg

3. Talenthouse creatives' photographs showing our positive impact on the planet

In 2021 Talenthouse partnered with Reckitt to ask our photography community to submit photographs of our positive impact on the planet, changing the conversation to focus on what we're all doing to help Earth and eachother. We received nearly 2,000 submissions, which you can view here.


4. This immersive art experience highlighting the rising sea levels

Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaard created "Waterlicht" using LED light and a variety of lenses to illustrate how high the sea levels could get if we don't do anything to combat climate change. “I think we all know the numbers,” said Roosegaard. “But numbers won’t change us. Imagination will.”



5. These impressive paintings that turn data into art  

The wealth of data and research about climate change keeps us constantly informed. But, we know that while numbers are powerful, art helps to change minds and powerfully express needs for change. 

These painting examples all use graphs as the basis of their landscapes. If you're hungry for more data, we've rounded up a whole bunch of climate change data resources here.


6. This great round up of performance, musical and other visual art about climate change

A great list of examples of art that's not created with a digital pen. This round up includes a huge variety of art that expresses climate change that goes beyond a typical project.

Hopefully these sources of information and inspiration help you put together your proposal for a grant from Arts Help. If you need more inspiration...

Here's some climate change data you could use

Here are 5 examples of BIG art against climate change

Here's a guide to applying for a grant

Here's some climate change artwork from the Talenthouse community