Header Photogragh By: Joel Robison

Article Written By: Adam Edgar 

A crucical part of the filmaking process, the cinematographer has a pretty tought job- they've got to make the whole thing beautiful. They don’t always get the attention they deserve, which is odd considering they’re responsible for everything the audience sees on screen. In an effort to show a little love for the “shooters” out there, we’ve put together this terrific list of online resources for the cinematographers out there in the world, working hard to shoot your movies.

1) Cinevenger 

Never heard of Cinevenger? We’ll we just remedied that. This site was started by an indie cinematographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He writes really insightful posts that dissect and discuss the technical and visual aspects of specific cinematogs works. It’s a great read and offers some cool case studies and reference bites.

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2) The Frugal Filmmaker 

The Frugal Filmmaker is a must read for any and all frugal filmmakers, which is all of us, unless you’re working for a studio. This guy offers great posts which teach you some really sweet DIY camera rig techniques and tutorials on how to built out your own equipment to handle all indie filmmaking needs. He post videos and writes great articles. A terrific resource.

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3) Redshark News 

Covering everything from onset camera work to VFX and post, Redshark is a tech-heads dream with loads of articles and up-to-date news on all things cinematography related. Whether you're a well establish veteran, or brand new to the cinematography world, this site should be a daily stop on your morning blog commute.

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What are your go to filmmaking websites?