Article Written By: Adam Edgar

While technology has definitely been a catalyst for major changes in how art is produced and consumed, there’s a key element to art and design that is at times neglected from a technology standpoint. That element is the process of collaboration. While an ideal collaboration consists of people meeting a working face-to-face, online collaboration has taken on many unique and powerful forms. Below you’ll find a list of 5 of the top online art and design collaboration tools every artist should be using.


Scribblar is an awesome online collaboration tool that allows you to interact with other artists or clients in a “chat room” styled format. You create a “room” to host a project and all the brainstorming and ideas that people come up with are noted on the original project. There’s even an audio feature that can make idea expression more fluid and convenient.  The pricing is subscription based and adjustable depending how many collaborations/collaborators you will need per month.

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Trello is a terrific tool for creating and organizing multimedia “to do” lists. It gives you a cool interface where you can create and arrange post-it like notes with text and photos, and then others can access this space and edit or contribute to the notes. It’s free to try, with a paid version for premium options.

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Red Pen 

If you’re looking for a super intuitive interface and the ability to get instant feedback in an interactive format then Red Pen is the tool for you. You can post projects and then collaborators or clients can access the project and leave specific notes on certain elements. It even allows you to save previous versions, which is great for keeping track of alterations, etc. It’s pretty affordable, as well, at only $20 per month for 5 projects.

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Cage has is a collaboration app that is suited especially for designers. It has features like the ability to share designs, get real time feedback, and create multimedia web-based presentations. It’s a little bit on the pricey side for the top level subscription, but a basic freelancer membership will only set you back $24 monthly.

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This app is perfect if you’re looking for simplicity. It’s job is simple, the ability to upload images and make notes/comments about certain elements of the design. It has an easy but useful user interface and allows for easy and clear collaboration on your visual projects. Best of all, it’s free!

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What collaboration sites to you use online?