The Talenthouse team has been working hard to improve our platform. We want to ensure your artwork is seen, art appreciators can discover art and provide even better life-changing opportunities for the global creative community. You have probably noticed a few changes. Here is a quick overview of the updates we have made. 

One of our core missions at Talenthouse is to provide artists a platform for their artwork to be seen. Over the years, thousands of artists have uploaded their work to Talenthouse, building one of the most impressive online "art galleries" in the world. In addition, we have thousands of incredible art appreciators and  "curators." Follow both artists and art appreciators to discover more art like never before. Our suggestion? Find 10 new artists to follow now- it should be pretty easy!  

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Everyone deserves a little love, right? The "love" button is still the same, only we made it a bit bigger (why not?!) and made it red. Continue to love work that you see on Talenthouse and make sure to continue to upload your work so it can receive the love it deserves!

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Art Feed
The central hub of love, discovery and unique career opportunities. The Art Feed shows you new Creative Invites hosted by celebrated brands and icons, what other artists and art appreciators you follow are loving and new Magazine articles. When you upload new work, it shows up instantly in your followers Art Feed so it is a great way to get instant feedback (and love) on your new work. It's pretty simple. The more people you follow, the more you see in your feed. Boom. 

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Our mission is to help artists get their work seen and appreciated by everyone, so we are always trying to improve our website. If you have any questions or comments about the Art Feed please leave them in the comments section below. Thank you.