Hi visual artists around the world! If you’re planning on creating static, or moving artwork for the Whirlpool Creative Invite, have a read of this interview with Mariana Santos Rodrigues (Head of Whirlpool Brand, EMEA) to get some exclusive insight on the brief!


TH: What is the one thing about the W Collection Black Fiber range that artists need to know before starting their submission?
W: With ‘Leading Edge Design’ being part of our Brand pillars we strive for celebrating the assets that create this value. Design in itself is driven by creativity that expresses our identity. Whirlpool has always played with Colors, Finishes and Materials to ‘blend-in’ or ‘stand-out’ within domestic environments. Black Fiber is a Black Stainless steel material which puts the emphasis on a monolithic appearance that homogeneously blends with premium and dark-toned environments.



TH: What are the key features Whirlpool is looking for in submissions?

  • Original & Creative: we are looking for unique key visuals to communicate in a creative way the new color finishing of our W Collection Black Fiber range.
  • Disruptive: we want this communication to be different from the standard pictures and visuals we usually develop for catalogs and trade partner-oriented materials. We would like to explore new and bold approaches portraying domestic appliances to trigger attention and ‘out of the box’ impressions.
  • Engaging: we want these artworks to be able to attract & engage consumers, to generate a “wow effect,” to stick in their mind and to be easily recalled.
  • Ability to highlight the product at best: we want our products to be the center of our communication; products will have to be well integrated in the visual but at the same time will have to emerge, to be the protagonists of the scene. It’s important to take into consideration is also relevancy and coherency with the theme (black color finishing of the products).



TH: What would make a submission really creative and thumb-stopping?
W: It’s ability to conjugate at the same time disruptiveness and elegance, in order to enhance the black fiber finishing at best. It should also be able to catch people’s attention because of a detail that helps convey the idea of sophisticated style and contemporary design that characterizes this line of products. When the submission causes a ‘double-take’ effect, and sticks inside the viewers mind.



TH: What would the ideal submission to this brief look like to you? 
W: Creative, detailed designs, with the product fully integrated, that reflect and bring to life the black finishing and the 3 design trends it was inspired by.
We love how the these examples hero the main element (the appliance for us!), and use a visually interesting environment around it, really embracing the black theme with complimentary accent colours, and using lots of detail to make you look twice!   




Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.23.49 AM.png



TH: How do you see artists bringing to life the three design trends?
W: There are several options and I would like to not limit or bias in any way the artists’ creative souls. The first idea coming to my mind would be to bring them to life by incorporating the 3 design trends (not necessarily all the the same time) in the environment surrounding the product(s) or making them become part of the products themselves - as if they were embodied into the products. Also, I imagine these 3 design trends to inspire the details, objects and/or imagery living around the product(s), in order to contextualize and make it emerge. But again, this is only my imagination and I believe artists will have much more original and cool ideas…

Be sure to check out the Whirlpool Creative Invite for more details. You have until February 7th to submit!