Last year we asked the global Talenthouse community to design a new Limited Edition wrapper for the famous Lindt Gold Bunny, celebrating spring with a fresh awakening. In the end, our talented community submitted more than 900 designs, and Lindt was so impressed that it took them several weeks and a few internal marathon sessions to finally select their top 3 designs (see below). 

Now to determine the overall Limited Edition Design that they will potentially produce to market for 2020, Lindt has just announced that they are inviting YOU and all their fans to vote for your favorite design! Don’t hold back- be sure to tell Lindt which Limited Edition vision you want to see brought to life in stores next year by casting your vote today. There’s even a special bonus for German residents who participate in the voting - where Lindt is raffling 100 delicious chocolate Easter presents ...yum!

Below, you can check out the top 3 designs by Abby, Monica and Suzanne that you can now vote on, along with some background information on each artist and what inspired their design! Please note that the voting site is in German- so for everyone who does not speak German but wants to vote, we prepared a little crash course to guide you easily through it:

German / English
Bunte Naturblüte  = Colored natural bloom
Frühlingsfacetten = Spring facets
Frühlingsedition = Spring edition
Erfahre Mehr = Learn more
Jetzt abstimmen und gewinnen! = Vote now and win!
Du hast erfolgreich abgestimmt! = You successfully voted!

And now - check out the selected designs along with some info on the artists as you gear up to voice your opinion: 

Abby Hersey

Design Inspiration:
This lively, on-trend graphic design uses angles and pattern to create a sense of awakening.
About Abby:
Abby is a versatile and passionate designer and illustrator with extensive experience in designing for a wide variety of applications, including packaging, fabric, paper goods, and web. When she's not in her studio, she is probably outdoors where she and her family enjoy camping, mountain climbing, hiking, and rafting.



Mónica Cerniauskas Diaz

Design Inspiration:
For the creation of my gold bunny limited edition I decided to do a “spring design” inspired by butterflies. After winter, when spring awakens they are the protagonists who bring joy and color to this new lovely season. For me butterflies are the sign that spring has finally arrived. Because of that my design represents a typical spring floral field on the first sight that turns into butterflies when you take a closer look.
About Monica:
Monica is a Colombian and she lives in the suburbs of Bogotá. She is an Advertising and Graphic Creator and passionate about her profession and design in general. She has experience in media and marketing areas with mostly focus on advertising campaigns and brand building. She also already worked quite close with several advertising agencies for multiple projects. Since she loves her job and is convinced that she can always learn more she is studying graphic design at the moment. Since years she appreciates art in all its forms but also likes cooking, walking and dogs and cats, and animals in general.

charrt lindt 1.jpg


Suzanne Meyer-Kenney

Design Inspiration:
My inspiration for the design was to capture the happiness of Spring through the motion of butterflies and a bee visiting colorful flowers. I was also inspired by the red ribbon on the Lindt Bunny to interact with my design to hold a tulip bouquet.
About Suzanne:
Suzanne has been designing for a number of years in studio and corporate settings. More recently, she has been donating custom artwork for various causes to help animals and the environment.

Natures_Bloom (1).png 

Exercise your voice and cast your vote today!

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