Hey all you graphic and visual artists, for those of you working on the Volvic Creative Invite, please have a read of this exclusive interview with the Equity & Content Manager at Volvic, Virginie Guise. Guise gave us some amazing tips/insights for artists submitting to this invite. Have a look! 


TH: What are you looking for in the submissions? What would be something that captures your eye when you see a design?
We are looking for creative executions which;
- Really catch the attention of the consumer through a strong creative style that doesn't conflicting with the brand.
- Translate 'find your volcano' with a creative idea that can allow us to have a multiplicity of executions across the range.

TH: Can you give us more insights into the idea of ‘Find Your Volcano’ and how you’d like to see people embrace this?
Find your Volcano is a call to action to consumers to tap into that dormant strength they have within and let it out to achieve what they want in life. It's a matter of choice not chance. It's about being determined, brave, courageous, believing that you can achieve what you want, be who you want and not letting yourself stopped by the first obstacle.
One of the ways we have translated this on pack in 2017 has been through using a variety strength on pack (Determined, Brave, Creative, Inspiring, Go-Getter, Bold, Positive, Confident etc..) so people could chose for 60 strengths the one that corresponded most to them and carry their bottle with them as a reminder that they are strong inside. Althougg this activation was successful, we believe that next year's activation can go much further in terms of visual execution, impact and inspiration to really create this collection of 'limited edition' / 'grab it while you can' bottles.
As a result, one route we could imagine is to keep the idea of the collection of strengths on pack (like in 2017) but creatively bringing those strengths to life in a visually striking way (eg. "creative" inspires a very different visual iconography than "serein" or "determined" or "positive"). We are also open to new interpretations of FIND YOUR VOLCANO.



TH: What advice would you give to visual artists before they start working on their submissions?
Before starting to work, think about what FIND YOUR VOLCANO means to you...
- What is the thing you've been wanting to achieve but never did because you thought it was too hard, too much of a long journey? Now think about what this could be for others...
- How can the pack remind people that the strength just lies with them to get on and do it?
- How can the pack visually grab their attention through a really striking visual style?

Additional Info from Talenthouse
An on-pack activation is a concept that is rolled out across multiple products of the same sort, the current Volvic on-pack activation as such is the roll out of a range of different words across all of their bottles. The words are in line with the 'Find Your Volcano' brand position e.g. 'strength,' 'courage,' 'bold,' etc. So each package or product is a variation on the same on-pack activation theme.


Be sure to check out the Volvic Creative Invite for more details. You now have until June 15 to submit!