Hey photographers worldwide! If you are planning on submitting to VisitBritain capture the best of British cities, have a read of this article to get some exclusive insights of the brief by the people at VisitBritain and take a look at the mood board for some visual inspiration. Check it out! 


TH: What are the key features that VisitBritain is looking for in submissions?
The focus of this Creative Invite is on ‘Cool Cities’ across Great Britain. With this theme in mind, it’s important to remember that cities in Britain are not about size, they’re all about character and all of our cities offer not only their own history but also, most importantly, their own personality. We are interested in receiving submissions of imagery which convey and encourage people to see Britain as a place bursting with things to experience today, instead of a museum of things to see one day. Ultimately, we want imagery that is colourful and vibrant but shows the exciting, energetic and emotional experiences on offer in British cities!

TH: What makes a photograph unique and “unexpected” to VisitBritain?
There are a couple of elements that make a great image and capture an “unexpected” experience in Great Britain which include:
- Showing Britain from unexpected and surprising angles.
- Undiscovered gems revealed in British style.
- New ways of looking at iconic places and attractions.



TH: In what ways do you imagine an ideal interpretation of this brief?
VB: An ideal image should draw you in and show you the unexpected side to Britain. Through identifying people’s passions for travel we will show, discover and highlight the unknown and, potentially, not-so-obvious things that Britain has to offer. Through the imagery, we will showcase the amazing character and unique stories of our cities. In order to portray this message, imagery should feel authentic, not too set up and capture a unique moment that feels as though the audience is there.

TH: Are there any good examples of photographs that would be similar to what you are looking for?
VB: Here are some examples of the type of image submissions we are looking for as part of this Creative Invite:
Image Link 1
Image Link 2
Image Link 3



Be sure to check out the VisitBritain Creative Invite for more details. You have until April 30 to submit!