Decades ago, legendary singer Aretha Franklin spelled out the word “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” with undeniable power and grace that cemented her place as a cultural icon, inspiring people to this day. 

However, we don’t all have to be powerhouse singers to raise our voices and command respect! In our US only Creative Brief for the upcoming debut of the biopic RESPECT, we’re looking to our illustrator community to shout out what “respect” means to you as an individual, one letter at a time.

Never worked with typography before? No problem. Let’s break it down.

 Respect Jennifer Hudson singing.jpg

The Ask:
Choosing a letter from R-E-S-P-E-C-T as your base, create a work of art that demands respect and brings it to life by highlighting what its unique meaning is to you, as an individual.

The Approach:
Concept first! Head over to our R-E-S-P-E-C-T inspiration doc to get some ideas going for a theme of your choice. Feel free to borrow from our list or come up with your own! 
Make sure the word you choose to represent can be symbolically represented--this is all about using your creativity to expand upon a concept of your choice.
Your work should resonate universally with the meaning of the word you choose, but also include your own personal flair!

The Prep:
Next,  download our official letterform template, which includes both a JPG reference file and layered .PSD template to get started.


The Execution:
Make sure the bounds of your letter fit within the dotted line of the template. Create a new layer and get to work!
Looking to get extra creative? Consider using the negative space of your template to “carve out” the letter you’re making. For example, if you’re making a letterform “P” for “Pride”, you could fill in the majority of the space with rainbow doodles and leave a “cutout” of a “P” in the center.
Worried your concept might be too abstract? Have no fear. You can always include the word itself within your work. However, be sure to keep the focus on the starting letter! For example, the “P” in “Pride” should be the centerpiece of the work.
What about Aretha herself? Alas, you cannot feature the likeness of the Queen herself. However, you can and are encouraged to incorporate the likeness of Jennifer Hudson’s depiction of Aretha. Please refer to the official trailer for more inspo here!

The Finishing Touches:
Be sure to include the “TT layer” from the .PSD doc in your final submission! (This includes the official title treatment, release date and copyright line). 

Extra Inspo:
Still need another shot of inspiration to get started? Check out these typography submissions from our previous letterform brief on Talenthouse.

Raul Soto (Image 2 , Image 3)

Ruby Douglass

Maricarmen Herrejon

Ismail Shaikh

Take a look at the brief for more details and don't miss out. Submission deadline is July 21,2021 at 10AM PST. Happy creating!