Hey installation artists, mural artists and creative thinkers worldwide! If you are planning on submitting installation ideas to the Thomas Cook's “Cook's Club” Hotel Creative Invite, have a read of this interview article to get some exclusive insights of the brief by the people at Thomas Cook! Take a look at the mood board for some fun inspiration. Have a look! 


TH: What advice would you give to the community as they start working on their installation ideas?
CC: The best advice is to steer away from cliche’s - think outside of the box, and imagine yourself being a hotel guest as member of our “new generation of traveller” target audience. Ultimately, think about what you like to see in order to make you jump, take a photo/video, or share with your friends. It should be something that viewers will remember and want to capture and share!

TH: What would the ideal interpretation of the “Cook’s Club” brief look like for you?
CC: We want guests to have a "wow factor" experience, whilst fitting into the brand of Cook’s Club, which involves addressing the new generation of millennial travellers (more info in the Brand Guide), e.g. bringing an urban, cool vibe to the beach. We also want to provide a “club” feeling of community and positivity, where you have like-minded people around you who are interested in the same type of travel.



TH: What is most important for you to see within artists descriptions?
CC: It is important to show a good understanding of the £5,000 budget, and how you would get your work done over couple of days, in a clean way, without disturbing guests. Bear in mind the common seasonal materials that will be available in Crete and how for example you will reach the walls locally. Provide a clear, and concise plan of how you will bring your idea to life.

TH: What should creator's steer away from/what would feel off-brand for “Cook’s Club”?
CC: The main thing to steer away from is upsetting communities by producing any offensive or irresponsible ideas. The installations need to be Instagramable, but shouldn't include any stereotypes of communities. The aim is for the installations to be open, fun, enjoyable and inclusive to everyone - no negativity please! Also, we are not looking for ideas that don’t work for the millennial target audience - so please bear in mind who you are trying to appeal to!


Be sure to check out the Thomas Cook's “Cook's Club” Hotel Creative Invite for more details. You have until July 30th to submit!