Do you want your work to be on the cover of a magazine? I thought so, global artists, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators are invited to submit magazine cover designs for The Drum's December 2018 Advertising Awards edition inspired by "Advertising isn't a dirty word." If you plan on submitting, have a read of this exclusive interview with the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Drum, Gordon Young to get some insights on what they are looking for. Check it out! 


TH: Can you tell us a bit about why The Drum Awards are so important to the advertising industry?
GY: The Drum’s mission is to help readers make better decisions. And a big part of that is exposing them to the best work, the best people and the best agencies to ensure they better informed about who to work with and what good looks like. The Advertising Awards is a key part of that process. It allows us to collect some of the best work in the world and then showcase it through our online, social and print platforms.

TH: What is the background for this year’s focus on “Advertising is not a dirty word”?
GY: Advertising is the last thing most ad agencies now say they do. It has vanished from agency names, websites and promotional material. I had a look at global award schemes and saw that only 2% had the word advertising in their names. We decided there was a need to rehabilitate the word - to remind us the word in this business should be a source of pride as opposed to shame. Advertising is still very much at the core of what this industry does - and it is a force for good, helping companies become more successful, ensuring consumer are better informed and resolving some fundamental communication challenges in the world as a whole.



TH: How would you like the submissions from the Creative Invite to reflect this?
GY: Bold. Confident. Vibrant. Unexpected are the sort of words I would love to be able to describe the work. It should also be challenging. In my view the sign of a great piece of work is something I need to worry about it.

TH: What should creator’s avoid/what would feel off-brand for The Drum?
GY: Trying be all things to all people. 


Be sure to check out The Drum Awards Creative Invite for more details. You have until October 12th to submit!