Looking to get that perfect cinemagraphic shot but your wallet is stopping you? We’ve comprised a list of the most affordable and finest cameras for filmmaking that won’t leave you with a completely empty wallet like a RED or an ARRI camera. Take a look at our top 5.


GoPro Hero 4 Black

Price: $499
Don’t let its small stature fool you- GoPro Hero 4 is definitely take quality videos. This versatile camera could be attached to your helmet and even a drone. With 4k shooting at 30fps, this camera is an absolute must. It can be used for different angles, POV action shots and even a main back up camera. This is a good extra camera to have in your equipment in addition to your main rig, that's not to say that many people have made great short films using only this little guy. 



Nikon D5300

Price: $599
This camera essentially provides you with everything the D7100 does, but at a much lower cost. The D5300’s best feature is the no low-pass filter, meaning shooting patterns will be clearer and are taken with better quality at 1080p. The D5300 also has wifi to connect to your devices and is able to tag its location through a built-in GPS.



Canon T5i

Price: $699
If you’re looking to take both great shots and video from the same camera, Canon T5i is what you need. The best features on this camera are the large lens selection, high ISO capabilities, 1080p at 30fps and the flip out LCD screen.



Blackmagic Pocket Camera

Price: $995
The image quality on this Blackmagic camera is the best of its kind. With its 13 stops of dynamic range, Super 16 size sensor and its ability to record RAW in-camera, this camera would be the main part of all your equipment. In addition to all its great qualities, this camera is quite small and easily transportable. This is one of the best cinema cameras in the market for it's price right now. 



Sony a77 II

Price: $1,200
Sony has become a front-runner in indie-filmmaking over the years. This Sony a77 II camera is perfect if you’re looking for a great quality, yet affordable camera to add to your list. With its 4k recording and a swivel LCD screen, you really can’t go wrong with this high quality and convenient camera.



What cameras would you recommend for filmmaking?