Over the last few months, the travel industry has been particularly impacted by Covid-19. Airlines have need to take the extra precautions and make improvements to their ensure the safety of all travelers and workers. An additional, just-as-complicated obstacle? Restoring the confidence of travelers and workers alike.
Star AllianceOneWorld Alliance, and Skyteam the world’s largest global airline alliances, approached the TLNT team for help communicating all these new improvements to their travellers and workers. They needed to create an informational video that communicated the changes and protective measures that were being implemented to protect both travellers and airline workers. 
Five creative teams were selected from our global community and were asked to create pitches for ideas on how to best communicate these new protective measures while also renewing confidence in passengers. At the end of the day, Star Alliance selected the creative team at Something’s Awry Productions to execute the brief. 
The end result? A moving minute-long animated video that has been shared by airlines and people all across the globe!

Now, we get to take a deeper dive into the creative process behind the creation of “Dear Travelers…” which has already reached all corners of the world. Learn more about the video, the creative process, and the inspiration behind in our interview with Something's Awry on the Zooppa Blog!