Hey all you visual artists, for those of you working or planning to work on the Royal Albert Hall Creative Invite, please have a read of this exclusive interview with the Head of Marketing and Communications at the Royal Albert Hall, Louise Halliday. Halliday gave us some amazing insights for artists submitting to this invite. Have a look! 


TH: What is your role at the Royal Albert Hall?
LH: My role as Head of Marketing and Communications involves all aspects of the Hall’s communications, including branding, marketing, PR and driving the Hall’s digital presence including the website and content creation and engagement through social media platforms. Aside from the diverse programme of events in the 5,000-seat auditorium, we also promote hundreds of shows beyond the main stage, and run an Education & Outreach programme, which creates memories, changes lives and provides inspiration through music for all. We’ve just launched a scheme for Young Producers to organise and curate a series of events at the Hall, and we’ll be taking on more large scale projects such as Christmas 2018 in the build-up to the Hall’s 150th anniversary in 2021.

TH: What would be something that captures your eye when you see a Christmas themed campaign or poster design?
I’m always drawn to magical artwork that tells a human story, so Christmas artwork that feels warm and nostalgic, and has a sense of shared experience. Christmas is the one time of year when I’m not averse to a little bit of sparkle too!



TH: In 5 words, how would you describe the Royal Albert Hall at Christmas time?
Warm, together, welcoming, joyful, and magical.

TH: What is the Royal Albert Hall’s marketing creative usually like, and why are you seeking Christmas 2018 creative from the Talenthouse community?  
LH: Throughout our 150-year history, we’ve had artwork done by everyone from Pablo Picasso to Sir Peter Blake, so there’s a rich archival history of artistic works, down to the frieze on the building itself. For recent major seasons such as our Festival of Film, Love Classical, and Summer of Love, we’ve created contemporary artwork that combines the iconic imagery of our building with unique, festival-specific ideas. The aim is to produce distinct artwork for each project, while keeping to the overall voice of the Hall. With Talenthouse, we saw the opportunity to open this artistic heritage to a global artist community, which is really in line with the sense of coming-together that Christmas means to us.



TH: What advice would you give artists participating in this Creative Invite?
Show off your bold, unique approach – we’re looking for eye-catching designs that have immediate impact, whatever medium you’re working in. Every season, project, and concert at the Hall is designed around the idea of unforgettable experiences for our visitors, so we’ll be looking to feature artwork that shows off ambitious creativity and unique style.

TH: Is there anything else you wish the Talenthouse community to know?
The Royal Albert Hall has a rich history and unique heritage, but it’s not a museum or a monument – it’s vibrant, diverse, creative and forward-looking, and it appeals to every generation. We can’t wait to showcase the inspirational, creative work of the incredibly talented Talenthouse community, and are looking forward to being surprised, challenged and delighted by the responses to the brief.

Be sure to check out the Royal Albert Hall Creative Invite for more details. You have until September 13 to submit!