Augmented reality has been around for decades now. 
AR is not only changing the way we see, experience, and create art—but it’s also changing our everyday lives. While we are particularly excited about how Augmented Reality is elevating the world of art and creativity, we also have to give a nod to the ways in which AR is impacting other parts of our world. 
We got curious and wanted to learn a bit more about how AR is shaking up more than just the global creative community in both big and small ways! 


Medical Training 

From figuring out how to operate MRI equipment to performing complex surgeries, augmented reality has incredible potential to improve hands-on and hands-off medical training in countless areas. Augmented Reality is making training for medical professionals and students more accessible, more interactive, and safer for all. 




In 2017, Ikea released an AR application for their customers to easily visualize how furniture would appear in their personal spaces. This was obviously a game changer. And they weren’t even the first company to use Augmented Reality to improve their customer’s experiences. There are countless other huge brands that also took advantage of AR technology, ranging from Harley Davidson and Converse to Cadbury! 
Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 3.38.05 PM.png 



Entertainment brands of all kinds are adopting AR as a marketing tool and opportunity to build deeper bonds between their talent, shows and their audience. Have you seen our Coolabi AR Creative Brief? What about the (currently) live Dua Lipa ‘Hallucinate’ AR Creative Brief as well? These are perfect examples. And check out this cool feature we did on Ello artist Xavier Seger’s AR art installation at the Welsh National Opera called “A Vixen’s Tale”


Design & Modeling 

From architecture to interior design to packaging design, Augmented Reality is helping the artists and designers in the industry visualize their work during the creative process and elevate their work beyond the drawing board as well. 
You could step into a building that you’re designing as an architect before it even exists or add an extra layer of creativity to your packaging design.


Repair & Maintenances 

One of the first and biggest use cases of AR is in the world of repair and maintenance of complex machinery and equipment. A prime example of successful AR in this field is Volkswagon’s augmented reality manual called the MARTA app (Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance). 
The use of AR headsets and glasses are allowing people to better perform their job more efficiently and precisely than ever before. 

We’ve been really excited about the AR Creative Briefs we’ve been launching, have you checked them out yet? We’ve got a lot more in store for you so make sure to stick around! 

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