Hey Creatives! Ferrero Raffaello is inviting you to reimagine the classic Raffaello packaging, and design a modern, summer-inspired, limited-edition package. We spoke with the Raffaello team to get some exclusive insights on what they are looking for in their Creative Brief. Check out their responses below and be sure to check out the mood board and use this template to submit. 


TH: As this is a totally new brief for Ferrero Raffaello, what would you like to see come through in submissions or what would you like creators to focus on? 
RF: We want to see inspiring versions of SUMMER BAGs in different shapes, patterns and colors fitting the white world of Raffaello but making packages more exciting. Focus on high visibility through modernity and unseen ways of interpreting summer in telling YOUR story of summer with your bags.

TH: Is there anything about Ferrero Raffello, that the creators should know before they start their designs
RF: Raffaello is the feeling & indulgence of summer all year round through crunchy almonds, coconut rasps & a velvety cream. Besides a unique taste experience, Raffaello has a well-known summer positioning marked by a blond woman with a white dress and a white hat. Raffaello always conveys a feeling of light heartiness & easiness.



TH: In more detail, what does summer-inspired mean to you? 
RF: The Summer bag should convey a feeling of “open yourself summer” and explore the summer with all your senses – view an attractive design, listing the sound while open the package and experience a summery taste for yourself or with your friends.

TH: How do you envisage designs to be different, and eye-catching? 
RF: Different in terms of patterns and the way to interpret SUMMER – highly exciting? A little calmer and classier? Full of things to explore? Beach or Garden party? Eye-catching through unseen formats of bags – how does your perfect summer bag look like?



TH: What is the ideal style you are looking for in a submission?
RF: Our ideal style conveys a light feeling, softness and invites people to explore their perfect summer. Light and bright colors are very welcome 

TH: What would a perfect submission look like? 
RF: A perfect submission would invite men & women to buy a summer bag for bringing it to a party to celebrate summer. At best, each bag tells a different story of summer. 

TH: Is there anything that would feel off-brand or off brief that creators should know about before starting their design?
RF: Off brief would be e.g. a Leo print version of a summery bag, dark colors like mainly using brown, black and dark grey in combination. In addition, neon colors, which might be modern, would be too aggressive for the Raffaello world.


Submissions for the Raffaello Creative Brief close on August 10 at 5pm London local time. Hurry, don't miss out!