Hey, Creatives! Prime Video is inviting you to create animated GIF stickers that capture iconic characters from their original shows. We spoke with the Prime Video team to get some exclusive insights on what they are looking for in their Creative Brief. Check out their responses below to help you develop your GIF pack and be sure to take a look at this mood board for inspiration!

TH: How would you like to see creators capture the iconic characters of Prime Video Titles in their GIF pack? 

PV: Some of our characters are full of personality, we’d love to see how you guys are able to bring that character to life through an illustrated and animated version of whichever character you end up choosing. We want you to think about what people may want these characters to say when sharing the stickers with friends - so try and put yourself in the shoes of the person sharing these, what would cheer them up?

TH: You mention you want to see submissions focus on ‘positivity and have a feel-good vibe’ are there any specific elements or colours you would like to see come through to portray these themes? 

PV: We have no limitations on colours. The stickers should try and reflect each show and character’s look and feel. We did mention to use our brand colours where possible though, this is just so that when putting together the final pack of 30, they’re clearly recognisable and they feel like they belong to the same brand. In terms of messaging, we’d love for them to be able to spread ‘joy, happiness and feel-good vibes’ - this could be done through a simple animation or more preferably through a joke, a positive quote, a funny innuendo or a play on words. Go wild! 

TLNT header 03.jpeg

TH: Creators are developing a pack of 3 stickers focusing on 1 show in a single submission. Would you like to see any connections within the 3 GIF stickers? 

PV: Not necessarily a connection but they should feel cohesive from a look and feel point of view. Also, they don’t necessarily need to be of the same character but they could be three characters from the same show. It’s totally up to you. And remember, you can submit up to 15 times - so if you have multiple ideas, feel free to share them all! We cannot wait to see them. 

 TH: What do you envision as the perfect submission to this Creative Brief? 

PV: Tricky question as we haven’t really created anything like this before so it’s new territory for us. Ideally, we want to see stickers that are simple in design but they’re able to tell a story, a message, right away. We expect them to have a simple and beautiful design aesthetic - and when adding words, to have a font that matches the style of the design so that it doesn’t feel completely different. Remember, these are stickers that people will send to their friends over instant messaging or over their Instagram Stories - so as much as they need to look beautiful, they need to be fun, cheeky and positive. 

 TH: Is there anything creators should completely avoid when developing their work?

PV: We don’t want for the stickers to be overly branded, therefore I would avoid using any reference to the prime video logo or even the name of the shows, we want our characters and your feel-good message to speak for itself. You should use colours, copy and design elements to really bring these characters and the message you’re trying to convey to life. 

TLNT The incentive banner.002 (1).jpeg

TH: What makes a feel-good moment? 

PV: Think about celebratory moments, scenes where our characters have achieved something great or scenes that simply give you a good vibe and make you smile. You could also think about any strong relationship or a simply beautiful and powerful bond between our characters. Having said that, we’d love to understand your own interpretation of what a ‘feel-good moment’ is for you - so make sure you write this down in your submission.

Submissions for the Prime Video Creative Brief close on December 14 at 5 pm London local time. Hurry, don't miss out!