Hey! Are you planning on creating artwork for the Peaky Blinders Creative Invite? We spoke to the Peaky Blinders Team to get some exclusive insights on what they're looking for in these submissions. The invite is open to UK Residents only, so be sure to check out what the team said below, and take a look at the mood board before you start your artwork.  


TH: What should artists know about Peaky Blinders and the main characters before starting their designs?
PB: Tommy Shelby may seem like an unbreakable character, but even the leader of a gang as notorious as the Peaky Blinders can feel the heavy weight of power. After all, over the last four series we’ve seen how Tommy’s power has caused devastating personal losses to both him and his closest allies, Polly and Arthur. As series 5 returns, we’ll see the strain of leadership begin to wear away at Tommy as he manages both family interests and his new position in parliament.

TH: What would the perfect submission look like for you?
There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect submission’ in our eyes, as every fan will see the world of Peaky Blinders in a different way. Our goal is to find a set of wildly different and original pieces of fanart that express the love for show in as many visual forms as possible.

Peaky Blinders.jpg


TH: The brief says you’re looking for ‘one-of-a-kind poster artwork’ - what kind of creative mediums are you open to Creators submitting? How outside of the box can they go?
It should be your own personal artistic style, so feel free to use whatever medium you want - whether that be paint, ink, pencil, digital illustration and beyond. In terms of style, we’re open to anything from photorealistic drawings to abstract interpretations - this is about how you and you alone interpret Tommy Shelby, Arthur or Polly. Just please make sure that they are recognizable in some way and bear in mind that your entry shouldn’t look like a film poster with logos and cast names, it should look like a piece of art you’d want to hang on your wall.

TH: Why do you want to engage Talenthouse Creators for this Peaky Blinders brief?
Over the years, we’ve noticed there is a passionate community of Peaky Blinders fan artists and their passion, creativity and craft has blown us away. For series 5, we decided now was the right time to celebrate UK fanart by making it central to our marketing campaign and a proper part of the Peaky Blinders universe.

Peaky Blinders 2.png


TH: Is there anything Creator's should steer away from/would feel off-brand for Peaky Blinders?
Our aim is to put fanart in busy locations as billboards and posters, turning train station platforms into pop-up galleries or bus stops into makeshift easels. However, public spaces mean restrictions in terms of what we can show, so please make sure your submissions do not show gore or glorify violence, as this will mean we can’t use it, no matter how brilliantly crafted it is.

Submissions for the Peaky Blinders Creative Invite close on June 24 at 5pm GMT. Don't forget this brief is only open to Creators in the UK.