Hey! Nielsen wants you to develop customer perks or rewards ideas for their telecommunications partner that will engage and retain audiences in the Middle East. We spoke with the Nielsen team to get some exclusive insights on what they are looking for in their Creative Invite. Check out their answers below and be sure to use this template to submit. 


TH: Why did you approach the Talenthouse creative community for this concept brief?
NL: We are looking for unique engagements programs from the creators associated with the program. Think at broader levels how to attract customers.  

TH: What one thing do creators need to know before starting their concept submission?
NL: Please do not just focus only on the end benefits or piecemeal benefit, we would like submissions to be more around a broad long term & differentiated engagement program for the brand to retain it’s current customers & entice new ones as well. Since there are different target segments, please focus on how each of these segments can be attracted for long term.



TH: The brief talks about submitting incentive scheme ideas that would appeal to target audiences over the long-term. Can you give an example of this or any insights creators should consider?
NL: E.g. the core idea would be ‘Enjoying family moments’ - under this there could be something for the children (amusement park tickets or family time in infotainment areas, etc. or ‘Security for your family back home’ - related to healthcare or insurance for the family back home for the Blue Collar Workers

TH: The brief says to think outside of the standard incentives for a telecommunication brand. Are there any areas creators should think about? Give us some examples. 
NL: It isn’t necessary that the end incentives are outside the current offers in the market, What we really want to see is a unique/ differentiated package a mix of multiple benefits/ incentives that would appeal to each target segments. If unique incentives are also a part of the overall idea, it’s a plus!



TH: How do you see an incentive scheme creating long-term loyalty with new and existing customers? 
NL: A program which provides benefits in parts, not something that can be redeemed instantly. Perhaps, a loyalty program with a tier system - the more you interact the more benefits get unlocked.  

TH: What would the ideal submission to this brief look like to you?
NL: One which is able to provide a step by step description to different milestones under the 6 months, 12months program  

TH: Do you have any more information about the target audiences that will help creators think of incentive schemes that will appeal specifically to them?
NL: The blue collar workers are high switchers, so would need to provide them with highly unique yet relevant program to stay loyal. Please keep in mind that the millennial couples/ families and affluent large families are premium customers, but, the blue collar and youth would always be highly conscious of spending and committing long term - need a good incentive to attract these guys. 



TH: Of all the reward schemes you’ve previously seen across all industries and markets, what has been your favourite and why? 
NL: Tier system of unlocking more benefits - gamified approach, tends to keep the customers more engaged and conscious of their interaction with the brand  

TH: Do you have anything else to share with creators?
NL: Think big and don’t just limit yourself to piecemeal benefits/ incentives what might be a common idea in your region might not be present in the middle east region. Keep yourself in the shoes of the segments we share and think how your telecom brand could earn your loyalty.

Submissions for the Nielson Creative Invite close on November 5 at 11am London local time. Hurry, don't miss out!