We’re more than halfway into 2019, can you believe that!? Before we delve into this topic, we’d like to thank you for being a part of this journey with us ever since our inception in 2009. We’ve come a long way, we’re still learning and growing, and we are humbled to have you with us at every step of the way!
As part of our ongoing commitment to support creators at every stage of their career and provide creative solutions for brands, we’ve recently introduced a new type of Creative Invite for ideation -- you may have seen some of these briefs with the banner ‘Xpress.’


What is Ideation?
Let’s break it down! Ideation is a process that starts with a spark of inspiration and leads to incredible ideas.
Brands across many industries often start with ideation sessions, bringing together some of the brightest minds to look for new ideas and areas for innovation. That’s where you come in! Our new ideation briefs aim to put you in front of some of the biggest brands in the world to share your ideas for new products, names, topline design ideas, activation ideas that could run on digital platforms, out-of-home, or experiential formats, and so much more!
Some examples of this new type of Creative Invite include new brand and product concepts for a leading beauty brand, naming a new brand for General Motors, product innovation for Ferrero Rocher or even as interesting as inventing a new ritual for German Unity Day. 
With ideation briefs, you will be challenged to explore new possibilities and think of out-of-the-box ideas that are ahead of anything on the market! These type of briefs may be more conceptual, which will require you to do a little research on what’s currently available on the market before you start working on your ideas. For some briefs, you may also be asked to include a mock-up sketch of your idea, but you will never be expected to produce ‘finished’ high-res visuals.

Daniela Escobar.jpg
Artwork by Daniela Escobar (Columbia)


How will selected work be used?
Ideation is usually the first phase of a brand’s creative development process. This means that you get to play a huge role in bringing freshness and a strong foundation to a whole new idea or a potential new product altogether.
Through the Creative Invite, the host selects a number of Selected Ideas. The Selected Ideas will then be taken to their various teams including creative, research & development teams and even agency partners for further discussion. The different teams will then build on the Selected Ideas. In some cases, the Selected Ideas will be used to inspire various teams within the organization and nuggets of the idea will be produced, not necessarily the full idea. 

Who do we typically work with for these types of Ideation Creative Invites? 
On the client side: The hosts can come from various teams including brand research and development, marketing, innovation, research and design teams that work within a brand. We also do work with research agencies as well. 
On the community side: Most importantly… Creatives like you! These briefs are for everyone in the Talenthouse community! This is why even though you may be specialized in a different skill, you will still get updates about all Ideation Creative Invites. We believe that good ideas can come from anyone, anywhere (unless of course a client has specified the ideas have to come from a specific market due to language or cultural understanding)! 

Samuel Rodriguez.jpg
Artwork by Samuel Rodriguez (United States)


Why do some of the Creative Invites exclude the host’s brand name? 
Some of you have raised concerns about the secrecy of the host of for some of the Creative Invites. These briefs exclude branding at the request of the host as they want fresh, new ideas without the influence of their pre-existing brand identity or current product range - they want to keep ideas as open as possible. 
However, the Host will be revealed to all Selected Creators. Those whose work is chosen by the Host will also be asked to sign an artist agreement, transferring the rights of their ideas to the Host. Sound intimidating? Not to worry - we’ll be there every step of the way to answer your questions and make the process super easy!

_Karmilla Shelly.jpg
Artwork by Karmilla Shelly (Italy)

How is Talenthouse making sure that the host will only use the Selected Ideas and not use ideas without awarding the artist? 
First off, we’d like to reassure you that we have your best interests at heart as the well-being of our community is very important to us. While we want to give our creative community an array of opportunities on our platform, we also need to make sure that you are treated fairly and respectfully.
In our agreement with hosts and within the brief, the host has acknowledged that they only receive rights to the selected ideas, which they are purchasing. Period. 

If you do have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us via support@talenthouse.comand we’ll try our best to answer them.
We look forward to seeing your great ideas about what the future looks like for some brilliant brands!

Till the next update, 
Talenthouse Team