Are you planning on participating in the new premium haircare brand ideation brief? Here are some tips for you to check out before you begin your submission.

TH: What should I know about this brief before starting this submission?
HS: This is one of the first few ideation Creative Invites on the Talenthouse platform. This is your opportunity to develop brand new premium haircare ideas for females in the Japanese market. Think about it, if you could create your very own haircare product, what would you create, who would you create it for and what makes it unique?



TH: What is an ideal submission like?
The host wants new haircare product ideas that would spark a new, unique experience for consumers. Do use the templates provided when working on your submission.
Concept: What’s makes this haircare product and brand unique? To give you a little context, some brands have produced haircare lines associated to fashion lines and trends, some have come up with haircare products that are inspired by a holiday destination, some haircare brands are centred around unique ingredients like honey or oil and there are even brands that are created for specific climates and weathers. Check out this moodboard for more details!
Packaging: What would the packaging look like for your new haircare product and its brand? You’ll need to provide a rough sketch in your submission. It will need to look attractive on shelf, unique and even instagram-worthy! Don’t forget to ensure your submission includes a pump. Check out this moodboard of other unique haircare packaging.  

TH: Do I have to live in Japan or be Japanese to take part in this brief?
Absolutely not! This opportunity is open to everyone globally - even if you’re not Japanese or do not live in Japan. However, you do need to be at least 18 years old!

Submissions for the new premium haircare brand Ideation Creative Invite closes on April 2 at 4pm PST. Get your creative juices flowing and blow us away!