Hey all you creative writers, for those of you working on the Amstel Creative Invite, have a read of this interview to get some exclusive insights to the naming concepts by Amstel themselves. Check it out!  

TH: What advice would you give to the Community before they start working on their naming concepts? 
AM: Think about Amstel beer as a brand with a lot of history continually innovating, and to also think about Amstel coming from Netherlands and how we delight consumers in from more than 112 countries. 



TH: What do you imagine the ideal interpretation of this brief to be like?
AM: Different, appealing, anchored into the Amstel brand and relevant to the beer category. Keep focus on the emotional part and think international.



TH: What should creator's avoid/what would feel off-brand for Amstel?
AM: Do not copy competition or other categories of fast moving consumer's goods.

Be sure to check out the Amstel Creative Invite for more details. You have until May 18 to submit!