Hey all you artists! Are you planning on designing and painting mural artwork for the Moxy Atlanta Midtown Creative Invite? We spoke to the Moxy and Midtown Alliance teams to get some exclusive insights on what they're looking for in these submissions. The invite is open to US Residents only, so be sure to check out the mood board what the teams said below. 


TH: What should creators know about the Moxy brand, and Moxy Atlanta before starting their project plans?
Moxy: Moxy infuses play into everything we do, whether it’s a Jenga challenge, our Crew members, or a DJ session. We’re built to be different - guests check in at the bar with a complimentary “Got Moxy” cocktail. Moxy Atlanta Midtown is in the heart of Atlanta's art scene with over 25 cultural venues, more than 30 performing arts centers and 20 entertainment venues. Moxy is your place to Play On.  

TH: What is the Atlanta Art Walk and why is it so important to the city of Atlanta?
Midtown Alliance: The Art Walk is a ½ mile pedestrian promenade linking the Midtown MARTA Station to the Midtown Arts District. The vision emphasizes an arts-driven, community facing approach that celebrates Midtown as one of the most vibrant cultural districts in Metro Atlanta. When complete, the Art Walk will convert Peachtree Walk into a shared street that attracts people to enjoy the vitality and walkability unique to Midtown. The enhanced pedestrian space will connect culture and community to transit, while interactive art and programming will deliver fresh experiences that invite repeat visits to this destination. From an economic development perspective, this investment in public art and shared infrastructure will enhance the value of surrounding properties and attract restaurants and retailers to the area.   



TH: What is the art scene like in Atlanta, and how will this mural add to it?
Midtown Alliance: With 25 different arts and cultural venues, more than 30 permanent performing arts groups, and 22 various entertainment facilities, Midtown features the largest concentration of arts facilities and organizations in the Southeast. Visitors and residents alike flock to the Woodruff Arts Center, the country's third-largest arts campus, and home to the Tony award-winning Alliance Theatre, the Grammy-winning Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the world-renowned High Museum of Art.
Midtown's galleries, museums and theaters feature sophisticated and exciting exhibitions and performances. The fabulous Fox Theatre features 300 performances each year ranging from ballet to rock & roll and Broadway. Midtown also boasts the 14th Street Playhouse, Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) and the unique Center for Puppetry Arts, the largest organization in the U.S. solely dedicated to the art of puppet theater.
Murals are popping up on walls all over Atlanta and add to the delightful sense of discovery when walking Midtown’s tree-lined streets. The mural at Moxy will bring drama and color to a pedestrian path that provides a critical connection between the vibrant entertainment district around Crescent Avenue and 14th Street, the major corridor that connects to Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Botanical Garden. 

Art Walk 4.jpg


TH: What would the perfect submission look like to you?
Moxy: A unique blend of Moxy’s playfulness and Atlanta’s locale that will bring the space to life and become a coveted picture stop on the art walk. A submission that is intriguing to look at and allows people to discover different elements the closer they look. 

TH: Is there anything creator's should steer away from/would feel off-brand for Moxy?
Moxy: For Moxy Blank Canvas submissions, we usually advise artists to steer clear of anything making a political or religious statement. 

drawing_1504_CP_Select (1) copy.jpg 

Submissions for the Moxy Atlanta Midtown Creative Invite close on July 9 at 9am PST. Don't forget this brief is only open to creators in the United States.