Hey! Are you planning on participating in the Miller Lite Creative Invite? Before you do, check out these exclusive insights into what they’re looking for from the Miller Lite team! Be sure to take a look at the Mood Board and the Brand Guide before you start capturing photos.


TH: What should artists know about the Miller Lite product or brand before starting their submission?
ML: In 1975, we brewed the first light beer that didn’t compromise on taste. And we’ve been doing it ever since. Miller Lite is the original American light beer, brewed to have more taste and only 96 calories.
Based on a 155-year-old pilsner recipe, our golden colour and great taste has earned more gold medals than any other light beer, and our focus on quality, uncompromising and unchanging has ensured that we consistently hold true to what makes our beer so great! 

TH: What would the ideal photograph look like to you?
ML: Authentic and original.  We are looking for photos that feel like Miller Lite is a natural part of an occasion, not forced, and not just a close up of the product without any reason for it being there. And where people are using the product, it's these ones with the gold 'Miller' and the blue 'Lite' - see them here.

career op 2.png 


TH: What are the key things you're looking for artists to capture in their photos for this brief?
ML: Natural, modern and inclusive drinking occasions, or our branding presented in an original, dynamic way that would stop thumbs on feeds. 

TH: Why did you decide to engage the Talenthouse community in this photography brief?
ML: We loved seeing the dynamic approaches to briefs on Talenthouse! It’s important for us as a brand to show up in original ways and we saw this community as an audience that could definitely unlock some of that authenticity and originality through high quality photography.

Images for Inspiration:
career op 2.png

Miller Lite - Preview.png

Miller Lite - Preview 2.png

Submissions for the Miller Lite Creative Invite close on May 28 at 10am PST. Don't miss out!