Hey everyone, there have been some issues with the asset pack lately and we apologize for the inconvenience. The asset pack has now been updated with the original .tif files of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. Please note that the asset pack now has the size of 1GB due to the large files. Those who have used the small images for their submission: we recommend you to download the asset pack again and to replace the small image with the large one.

A: Can I use other images besides the ones in the provided asset pack?
TH: Yes, you can also use X-Class images from the offical Mercedes-Benz website. And you are welcome to use any of the images in the provided asset pack. 
A: What is the best dimension for social media content?
TH: A general good format for social media content is 1200x800 pixel, it works well on all social media channels. 
A: Can I recreate the X-Class in my own way?
TH: YES! Go for it! Mercedes-Benz is looking for artwork that stands out and distinguishes from existing automotive advertising. Take some of the provided assets and create something original. Re-create the car in your very own style rather then inserting car images into a scene!
All files can be downloaded here: Updated Asset Pack    
Files Separated: 
High Resolution Files (659 MB): http://po.st/ClDgz2
Low Resolution Files (12 MB): http://po.st/LHmfLY
3D Files (323 MB): http://po.st/SOUXFJ
Logo (3.2 MB): http://po.st/w8QeKw
Additional photographs (392 MB): http://po.st/XlB3V6
Be sure to check out the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Creative Invite for more details. You have until December 21 to submit!