If you are a product designer or visual artist thinking of/or are already working on the Maker's Mark Creative Invite, check out this mood board and have a read of this article to get some exclusive insights to the brief by the people at Maker's Mark. Check it out! 


TH: What are you looking for in the "Maker's Mark Gifting Concept" Creative Invite?

  • A container, box or outer-pack that has some intrinsic value on its own or can have ownership of the brand experience. 
  • It should attract the consumer by having a clever design or standing out on shelf.
  • It must be unique and relevant to the Maker’s Mark Brand. 
  • It should be suitable for various gifting occasions such as a gift for a business associate, a relative … 



TH: Could you tell us a few examples of what you are looking for?
We are mainly looking to see "out-of-the-ordinary" ideas. The typical use of barrels and caskets that we associate with whisky could be replaced with many more innovative ideas. See the below. Products, which have worked well and tested positively have been:



TH: In what ways do you imagine the ideal interpretation of this brief?
For creators to leverage the red wax design cue and to develop an idea which is gift worthy, stands out on shelf and really brings the brand to life. 


Be sure to check out the Maker's Mark Creative Invite for more details. You have until April 6 to submit!