Hey all you creatives! Nestle wants you to illustrate the key ingredients (Onion, Carrot, Tomato, Parsley and Basil) in Maggi! Something simple, modern and eye-catching to visually capture the ingredients' freshness and get people excited to cook. We spoke with the Maggi team to get some exclusive insights on what they are looking for in Maggi's vibrant illustrations Creative Invite. Check out their answers below and be sure to take a look at the mood board for inspiration before submitting.  


TH: Why do you want to engage Talenthouse’s Creator Community in this project?
Maggi believes that authenticity is an irreplaceable attribute to drive engagement and preference and we think that this can be captured in many ways. Finding an authentic and unique illustration style can help our brand to get fresher and more modern.

TH: What one piece of information would you give our community before starting their work?
Maggi: We would really encourage the creators to find a style that might be unique but at the same time, using visual codes that communicates craftsmanship and authenticity. Every detail matters in this case, and spending a bit more time to craft and polish the designs will make a difference. 



TH: The brief asks creators to illustrate 5 of Maggi's key ingredients in a simple, modern and eye-catching way. How do you see people creating this?
Maggi: We would love to see pieces of work that you can feel the human touch behind, a sense of perfect imperfection. We really believe in the power of textures and colours.

TH: What would a perfect submission look like?
Maggi: More than simple ingredients randomly placed in the “poster”, a unique arrangement, creating a lovely composition will make my heart beat faster.
Below are 3 examples from the Pinterest mood board that really capture the style of illustration Maggi are looking for.


Art by Felicita Sala 

'Skin Food' Illustration by Clare Owen for Verily Magazine.jpeg
Art by 
Clare Owen 

illustration, food, collage, texture, fruit, veg, printmaking, lino, print.jpeg
Art by Red Cruiser


TH: Is there anything the community should stay away from? 
Maggi: Hyper-realistic style is completely out of the briefing. We are not looking for something too cartoonish. 

Submissions for Nestle's Maggi Creative Invite close on September 26 at 5pm London local time. We can't wait to see your brilliant submissions!