Iconic food brand Maggi (Nestlé) launched a Creative Brief asking our creator community to reimagine their look and feel through unique, eye-catching illustrations. Through the open brief––which attracted close to 1,000 quality submissions–Maggi was able to engage the community to create one-of-a-kind visuals. We had a chat with Bruno Singulani from the Maggi Team about their experience working with the creator community, as well as their plans for featuring the selected artwork by Madrid-based artist Maria Salomon. Read along! 


TH: How did you find the experience of collaborating with the creator community?
Bruno:The whole experience with Talenthouse community was very enriching. The new way of working and openness to share the brand fundamentals with an external audience, was a big challenge internally. At first I got worried with how the creators would react to the brief. If they knew enough about the brand and how much they would engage with the challenge.

TH: We love the key visual! How else are you using the selected artwork by Maria Salomon?
BrunoMarias’s work became part of a global toolkit we share with our markets on how to apply Maggi Visual Identity. There are many markets using it already, mostly on packaging work. But even internally it is now an asset for presentations and product concepts. Its unique style has the power to make any visual look fresher and cool.


TH: What was your reaction to the quality, diversity and volume of illustrations that was created in response to the Creative Brief?
Bruno:When the submissions started to pop up, I wasn't sure about how far the briefing would get. How many creators and how deep they would go in their creative process to deliver outstanding visuals. At the end I was surprised with the geographical diversity and also the multiple styles they brought in. We were not looking into quantity of work, but this variety was very inspiring and at the end of the day, the quality was there and we were happy with the final result.

TH: Do you have any tips, feedback or advice (in terms of design, branding, and becoming a professional) for the creator community? 
Bruno: As a designer myself, there is something I learned throughout my career and I believe it is valuable for any creative professional: go deeper. Really learn about the subject and the audience you are designing for. There are no shortcuts here… Research and a visual audit are key to build a relevant and strong background to your creative strategy. Dont simply go for disruption or trendy things just for the sake of being cool. Design should be MEANINGFUL.

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