Hey all you conceptual thinkers and visual creatives, for those of you working on the Ketel One Creative Invite, have a read of this article to get some exclusive insights to the brief by Ewan Topping, the Global Brand Director for Ketel One Vodka at Diageo. Check it out! 


TH: What advice would you give to thinkers and visualizers before they start working on their concept? (Any thoughts they should keep in mind, research they should do etc.)
KO: Go into a (premium) bar or off-trade and think about/observe how people choose their drinks. How could our serve platform integrate into this world.

TH: What are the 2-3 key things people should take away from this brief when working on their name and visual device?
KO: This feels like a natural, simple and fresh approach to choosing better cocktails/drinks that is focused on quality and sustainability. I’d like to see this type of visual/artistic device (in which place/occasion) that would definitely influence my choice of drink. 



TH: What do you imagine the ideal interpretation of this brief to be like?
KO: To really focus on the name, or several names, and then build the visual identity off that.

TH: What should creators avoid/what would feel off-brand for Ketel One?
KO: Not too formal, needs to be relaxed, fun, but premium. We are asking consumers to pay (a little) more for the quality of this product so it needs to feel worth it.



TH: Do you have any examples of naming concepts that you like?
KO: Love the naming device of ‘mocktails’ or the restaurant concept of  ‘farm to fork.’ It needs to suggest a better choice, but without calling out that it is a ‘healthy or healthier’ choice. 

TH: What do you consider a ‘visual device’?
KO: A key visual that could segment off part of a drinks menu, or be used as a border in the Beers/Wines/Spirits aisle in a supermarket. It would be good use (elements of) the natural ingredients that we will be using in the serves (tomatoes, ginger, coffee, lemon/lime, rosemary, basil etc.). 


Be sure to check out the Ketel One Creative Invite for more details. You have until March 14 to submit!