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So you discovered Talenthouse, realized it was a cool platform, and decided to set up your profile and upload some work. Maybe you’ve checked out a couple Creative Invites, browsed around and found new artists from different areas of the world, and read some articles. What now? 
It’s time to beef up your profile. 

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We’ve noticed some simple mistakes that many artists tend to make, which limit the benefits they can get out of being Talenthouse members. When it comes to your profile, the basic rule of thumb is: Help us FIND YOU. 

Why do you want to be found? Well, beyond gaining global exposure for your work; Talenthouse has officially launched it’s Black Book service, which allows artists to be directly privately commissioned, outside of a Creative Invite.

The way this works is that Talenthouse will recommend several artists who fit the criteria a particular brand is looking for, and the clients will select who they would like to work with based off the artists’ Talenthouse profiles and creative style. Black Book projects usually involve a select number of artists, who are all guaranteed commission for delivering the brief. Black Book opportunities can be closed/secretive initiatives from massive brands, and can be much shorter timeframes than typical Creative Invites. Check out the result of one of our first Black book campaigns here, which was run privately with Paramount Pictures and 13 Talenthouse Artists for the Aronofsky film Mother!

To prime yourself to be selected for these opportunities, you should definitely:

1. Fill out your “About” section.
Make sure to include a biography of yourself, informing people of your artistic background, training, what drives your passion, etc. Use keywords to describe the style of work that you do, the materials you use, and even be explicit about the type of work for which you are open to being commissioned (i.e. “I am accepting direct commissions for live street murals, and product photography”).

2. Upload artwork with descriptions.
They can be short, but the key here is details. What size is the work? What materials or software (if applicable) did you use? Was it created live, or over a certain amount of time? What style is the work? All crucial details, that help us find your specific talents/skills which are sought out by potential clients (our brand partners).

3. Correctly link to your social channels & personal website.
A strong social media presence is definitely going to play to your advantage. Some brands seek this out specifically. If you have solid social channels, make sure to link to them. Likewise, your personal sites can show off your larger body of work and accomplishments, and provide fantastic supplementary information for brands looking to find out a bit more about you.

4. Update your email contact address associated with your profile- and check it.
Maybe you signed up a while ago and have since switched to a new email address, maybe you’re not a frequent inbox checker. Whatever the reason, it is crucial to ensure your email contact is up to date. Our team will always contact you via email for special BlackBook opportunities, as well as to inform you if your work has been selected for any of our standard Creative Invites.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity that was yours simply because we couldn’t get ahold of you.

5. Update your location. 
Often, brands are looking for artists in a specific area for local activations. By making sure your current location is listed in your profile (and spelled correctly), you are enabling us to find you when we have partners seeking artists in your area. If you live in a small town, you might also consider listing your location as the nearest major city center.

6. Participate in Creative Invites.
Beyond the opportunity to be selected for fantastic career opportunities- this is one of the best ways to get noticed by our team. By participating in Creative Invites, you are showcasing your ability to create on-brief work for a brand, which may lead to relevant recommendations for commissioning opportunities.

7. Keep active.
Whether it’s uploading new work to your profile, browsing through Discover and commenting on other artist’s work, or asking relevant questions on Creative Invite briefs, the more interaction you have on the platform, the better.  

Following the above steps will help you get the most out of your Talenthouse experience, and has the potential to lead you to your next big client!

Artwork by Giuseppe Munafo

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment in the section below letting us know any thoughts or questions you have on this article, or on Talenthouse Black Book.