Header Artwork by Melanie Edwards

Did you know that video is core to Snapchat and TikTok? It is kind of obvious, but perhaps the fact that 10 Billion videos are watched on Snapchat daily might bring it home. Let that sink in a little - 10 Billion videos a day.
You might be wondering, with so many videos being watched, how do you make your client’s content stand out amongst the crowd. Well, that’s a good question and we just happen to have some tips about how to make Snapchat ads that drive engagement.

Remember the Basics
We know this seems apparent, but we are going to say it anyway - Snapchat videos should be made for mobile. This means you need to make sure they are not only vertical, but also full screen. Another element that at times gets overlooked is sound - 60% of Snapchat ads are watched with the sound on. With that in mind, take the time to ensure your sound design has purpose.

Focus On An Objective
A successful video usually has a singular message - like a special offer, specific product or concise content. Think about your overall goal - is it to drive brand awareness with a virtual trial (swipe up to AR) or drive an action to install an app (swipe up to the app)? 

Artwork by Elena Maykhrych 

Test & Test Again
For many of us the word test conjures up memories of school and anxiousness. As creators, “testing” can be a source of inspiration and versatility - a playground of sorts. With a platform like Snapchat you can not only test the creative, but also the formats such as short video, GIFs, cinemagraphs and even stills. From there you can dive into creative tests by looking at themes, video cuts or even characters. Yup, creative playground. 

Time is of the Essence
Videos can be up to 3 minutes long and they usually appear in friends’ stories or as curated content. This means you need to create for the first second. Once you have the users’ attention, try to keep them engaged with a quiz, game, or clear call to action. 

As you venture into building creative with a specific platform in mind like Snapchat, it might seem daunting, but if you approach it with some guidelines in mind you might be surprised. Perhaps you will find that if you start a project with the platform in mind, it gives you the freedom to experiment with creative and formats. This allows you the room to learn as you go and possibly to stretch your client’s comfort zone and your own - ultimately seeing an outcome that truly resonates with the audience. We think that’s a win/win.