It’s no news that the world of AR is rapidly growing and changing... And it’s taking other parts of life with it. We’ve taken time to explore Real World Applications of AR on Talenthouse Magazine in the past. (Check it out on TH Mag!) But today we’re going to take a quick look at how AR is transforming the world of art and expanding our capacity for creativity.
Read on to learn more about how AR is transforming the world of art and creativity.

Augmented Reality in Museums
Museums have been early adopters of augmented reality technology in their exhibits. From AR guided tours through the museums themselves to exhibits of purely augmented reality pieces of artwork, it’s clear that AR has already found its footing in the traditional art world.
Some of our favorite ones include the MoMAR gallery which is an app that is a piece of guerilla AR artwork that a group of artists created to make a statement about the gatekeepers of the MoMA and The National Museum of Singapore’s Story of the Forest!

Selling Pieces of Artwork
Art brokers are tapping into AR technology in order to sell work that would otherwise be displayed in their galleries to clients who may be across the country, across the world, or even across the street.
With the introduction of AR technology, potential buyers of artwork can visualize how pieces of work will look on their walls, in their homes, in their collections before they even take out their checkbook.
Organizations like Art Lovers Australia and KAB Gallery are already using AR technology in their every day operations!

Bringing Street Art to Life
Museums and galleries aren’t the only place art is found—some of the best works come from the streets and neighborhoods of artists’ themselves. Communities with strong ties to street art such as Miami, Florida and Palermo, Italy have embraced AR with open arms in adding an entirely different dimension to their works.
Street Art Factory is a collective of artists from Palermo who have come together to create a map of their works throughout the city, many of them using AR to accentuate their murals. And even in recent years past, prominent artists in Miami’s Wynwood District such as muralist Linda Cheung have used AR to make a splash during the city’s infamous Art Basel on the state of global climate change and its inevitable effects. Check it out below.

Immersive AR experiences
We shared some work that 3D Artist Xavier Segers did on the Ello Blog months ago—but he’s not the only one diving into the world of AR to bring his art to life. Artists are taking installation artworks to a totally new level with AR. From locked in experiential installation artwork to digital works that you can take with you to experience anywhere in the world.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into Van Gogh’s bedroom? Well you can experience it in augmented reality!

As augmented reality technology continues to develop and mature, artists are finding more and more ways to utilize this new technology to enhance their work and create new art. To say we can’t wait to see where this technology will take us is an understatement. We’re sure that this is just the very bright beginning of a totally new era of art and creativity.
What are your thoughts on AR technology? Have you seen AR technology being used in other ways in the art world that wow’d you? Let us know in the comments below!