Hey all you creators! When you travel, what do you love and remember? Like art, travel touches the heart and soul. The German National Tourist Office wants to you inspire people to travel to Germany through your outstanding, creative vision. Artwork that will inspire people, dazzle them, give them ‘wanderlust’.
We spoke to the team in Germany, to get some exclusive insights on what they are looking for in submissions for this German National Tourist Office Creative Invite - check out their answers below, and be sure to take a look at this mood board, inspired by German destinations!

TH: Is there anything the creator community should know about the #GermanyInFullColour campaign before they start on their artwork? 
GNTO: Yes! This brief is about colour…it’s about capturing the beauty of Germany, through original artwork in any format, but created with emotion and passion. We are looking for stunning artwork in bright, vibrant colours that will out-do anything you’d see in a travel brochure! The selected pieces of artwork may be the feature of our online marketing campaign, the artist may be presented and of course receive the compensation. 

TH: In the brief, it mentions you’re looking for beautiful, vibrant artwork that captures, or is inspired by different destinations in Germany. How do you see creators capturing this?
GNTO: In the format or style they love and work best in - in a medium that brings their vision and creativity alive. It could be anything from paintings, to photography, paperwork, guache…there are no limits. Something full of atmosphere. We want people to think in colour!

(Hamburg - by Fotowelt-Hamburg.de) 


TH: In the brief, 3 types of German destination are mentioned, how do you see creators capturing German nature, German cities or German castles, parks & gardens?
GNTO: Nature would show a landscape that could be only be Germany but also break down any clichés; so we’re looking for scenes, rather than say, one flower, one animal… German cities are teeming with life, so we’re looking for something with energy! Castles can be fairytale, brooding and atmospheric or simply shown for the awesome structures that makes them so impressive - we’ll leave that to the creative community. 

TH: The brief mentions creators can capture just 1 destination, or be inspired by a whole region, or multiple places in the same theme (e.g. castles throughout the country). Can you give some examples of this?  
GNTO: Sure! Here’s some examples:

  • Germany has more than 10,000 towns and cities, possibly over 250,000 castles and 16 national parks!
  • We would love to see some of this diversity captured in the artwork - the visual possibilities are endless and our creatives’ imagination should provoke people’s curiosity, make them want to go to Germany.
  • From an artistic point of view it could be captured as a set of several art pieces, jigsaw puzzles, mosaics or any other type of assortment or any other creative methods.
  • We have included examples of artwork/ photography that captures more than just 1 destination in our mood board. It could be a map!

(Frankfurt am Main Skyline - Night View by Martin Klein) 


TH: Any static 2D creative medium is allowed for this brief. What do the perfect submissions look like to you across these mediums? 
GNTO: A piece of artwork that is colourful, aesthetically very exciting and makes you want to travel to Germany.

TH: You’re looking for creators to think outside the box, and submit super creative photography. Can you give some examples of what this could look like?
GNTO: Yes, examples could be:

  • Making images come alive with the use of props, working with cutouts, lensballs, interacting with the environment, using various angles to tell stories differently.
  • We are planning to use the artwork on social media, so the photography should be different and more creative than the destination photography we normally work with and really draw the attention of the user and above else, using intense colours. 
  • We have included examples of creative photography in our mood board

TH: Is there anything else creators should keep in mind when creating their artwork for this brief?
GNTO: Yes! Here are some pointers:

  • It has to be easily recognizable that the destination captured in the artwork is Germany (e.g. not show a generic landscape that could be pretty much anywhere).
  • The artwork has to appeal to an audience that is not familiar with Germany. It should be immediately understandable and not require any interpretation or more detailed knowledge of Germany - think Instagram and more.

(By Awed Owl) 

Submissions for the German National Tourist Office Creative Invite close on July 29 at 5pm London Local Time.