Hey you! Are you planning on participating in our Frontera Creative Invite? We spoke to the Global Brand & Marketing Managers at Concha Y Toro to get some exclusive insight on the brief so check this out!


TH: What should artists know before they start working on their submission?
Frontera is going through a brand refresh and is seeking a new label design, along with an updated brand logo. This refresh should be an evolution of our current look and feel, appeal to new consumers aged 25 to 45 years old and not a total revolution as we do not want to lose our base of loyal consumers of 45 years old and above. At the end of the day, our overall objective is to increase Frontera’s brand recall amongst consumers through its label and visual icons. 
Please refer to the design guide and use the provided label template. You may also update the overall label shape (instead of its current rectangular shape), so let’s get creative!

f9nypzmzghlzdsrqlkyt copy.jpg


TH: The current design features an artwork of the Andes mountains. Must I stick to it?
We’re open for you entirely redesigning the Frontera label, thus you do not have to include the visual of the Andes mountains. Go ahead and challenge the current design! You may explore interpreting Frontera’s brand essence and its Chilean heritage in the label art. What is most important is to fully understand the brand and its needs considering all the info available in the Invite before rolling on the new design.
Also, there isn’t a set colour palette requirement, but should take into consideration the colours that will be applied for each varietal



TH: What about the Frontera logo?
CT: Yes, you are expected to update the Frontera logo as well. We’re looking at a logo refresh, this means you may update its positioning, typography and font size to fit your overall label design. Do keep in mind the logo must still look big and bold on the label.
There’s also a compass icon within the ‘O’ alphabet in the Frontera logo. You may consider to refresh the icon, which in the past has closely referenced the 4 boundaries of North, South, East & West in Chile. You may interpret the essence of opportunity, new direction & adventure as something positive on the horizon. You are also encouraged to play around with a different style & approach to the use of the icon.



TH: What would an ideal submission look to you?
We want you to push your creative boundaries and truly reimagine the overall Frontera label design including its logo. One that is modern, fresh, creative, still has elements that make up Frontera’s brand identity and will stand out on a shelf! The design needs to be easily adapted for the various varietals.

Submissions close on Thursday, February 14 (yes, Valentine’s Day!) so do start working on your submissions NOW!