Hey street artists, designers, illustrators and creatives worldwide! If you are thinking of participating in the #FreiheitBerlin Monument to Freedom Creative Invite, be sure to check out this article for insights directly from our Berlin Partner. Have a look! 


TH: Can you tell us a bit more about the #FREIHEITBERLIN campaign?
FB: Four out of five Berliners associate their city with freedom. Since early 2017, be Berlin has been giving this very special Berlin feeling many voices. With the #FreiheitBerlin initiative, the capital city campaign is setting an example for freedom and invites all people to share their personal messages of freedom in the form of pictures, stories, videos, and quotes with the world. 
be Berlin translated the ideas of these messages into campaign themes and event formats. 2018 the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller and Berlin Partner together with Berlin Art Bang and the GRAFT Architects call on international and Berlin based artists to set a monument for freedom. An oversized art installation, depicting the campaign’s name, #FREIHEITBERLIN will be installed outside Berlin’s main railway in May. Each letter will be designed by a selected artist on the topic of freedom.

TH: What 5 words would you use to describe Berlin?
FB: Berlin is individual, authentic, cosmopolitan, innovative and is the city of freedom.  



TH: What does freedom in Berlin mean to you?
FB: The variety, the opposites, the co-existence, the colorful, the creative, the crazy, and also the normal – everything that Berlin stands for, is based on the great value of freedom. Today, Berlin is the sum of lifestyles from all walks of life. The city offers everyone the opportunity to freely develop. Whether you’re an artist or a businesswoman, a dyed-in-the-wool Berliner or a newcomer, a neighborhood fixture or a hipster. 

TH: What are you looking for in these freedom inspired design submissions?
FB: We don’t have any specific expectations. We’d love to see personal understandings of freedom to show how multifaceted freedom is in different eyes.

TH: Do you have any personal story that exemplifies freedom?
 After THE HAUS, some of our old and new partners put trust in us and in our work. That allows us to develop new ideas and our partners back us, no matter how crazy the ideas are. That’s freedom for us.


Be sure to check out the #FreiheitBerlin Monument to Freedom Creative Invite for more details. You have until April 13 to submit!