Hey all you graphic designers, illustrators and artists, for those of you working on the Cosma Creative Invite, the submission period has now been extended to February 26, 2018! Now there is a little more time to get your submissions just right or start working on one. Have a read of this article to get some exclusive insights to the brief by the people at essence for Cosma. Check it out! 


TH: What advice would you give to creators before they start working on their submissions?

  1. Have a look to the Cosma evolution (15 years ago until now).
  2. Think about how can the next Cosma look like.
  3. Think about an evolutionary as well a revolutionary new Cosma version
  4. Have a deeper view on the essence brand – what makes essence special or different to other cosmetic brands (in your opinion). What is unique about essence and how could a new essence brand ambassador look like?
  5. Think about which style, technic or person could be interesting for the essence target group keeping in mind that essence dare to do things differently.

TH: What are the 2-3 key things people should focus on in the brief when working on their creative?
CS: Please decide whether you want to follow a revolutionary or evolutionary design first.
Option 1 - Evolution:
Please focus und a more detailed and realistic realisation of facial expression and dynamic gesture. More human like – consider wrinkle or changes on the face when smiling or laughing.

Option 2- Revolution:
You can think about a completely new person/way/personality of a brand ambassador. Forget about the current Cosma and create a new brand ambassador that fits to essence and to the target group. The brand ambassador should be unique, modern and different to other brand ambassadors we see / have currently on the market – no celebrities / no models. Be inspired from other segments and also other technics.



TH: What do you imagine the ideal interpretation of this brief looking like?
Option 1 - Evolution:
This Cosma should look more realistic, more human like in order to show different characteristics and personalities. Focus on a “new” illustration/ drawing technic as well as other graphic style and possibilities.

Option 2 - Revolution:
An out of the box submission that is never seen before in cosmetic industry. Something NEW, DIFFERENT but still fitting for cosmetic, the essence target group (young, dynamic, trendy) as well as for the brand and ambassador values. 

TH: What should creators avoid/what feels off-brand for the new Cosma?

  1. No Comic style
  2. No Asian cartoon
  3. No unreal face or body ratio – too long legs, too big eyes etc.

Cosma 2.jpg


TH: How would you describe the 3 themes to creators?
Is all about GIRL POWER and empowerment. Strong and successful girls and women that dare to do things differently, follow their dreams no matter it fits to their gender or what the society expecting for them. No rules.

Bringing Cosma and the girls to Italy- to the modern and trendy scenery of Positano/Almalfi Coast. They are spending the summer there and experiencing the “dolce vita” with all joys of Italian life style in vintage dotted look Scenery: taking place in the streets of positano: we see the colourful houses and the turquoise sea in the background.

The days are getting warmer and summer is just around the corner. So once again this year it’s „ready, steady, summer!“ and the preparations for the perfect bikini body are starting. The products in this cool essence trend edition whet the appetite for fitness and turn every girl into a sporty beauty in the blink of an eye. Sun protection factor and instant effects ensure you look great even when you are sweating and then make all the exertion disappear as if by magic. With essence „ready, steady, summer“ every fitness-loving girl is a winner.

Be sure to check out the Cosma Creative Invite soon for more details. You now have until Monday 2/26/18 to submit!