Hey all product designers and visual artists, for those of you working on the congstar Creative Invite, please read our article to get some exclusive hints from the client on this creative invite. 

TH: What are you looking for in the "congstar beauty mobile phone accessory" Creative Invite?
We are looking for a design of a cool and innovative accessory that can be offered to a young female and beauty-conscious audience. We believe this is a great opportunity for designers since the product will potentially be sold in one of Germany's biggest drugstores. As a mobile service provider, we are looking for a new and innovative smartphone item that is useful for everyday life and at the same time takes up the subject beauty. 
TH: Could you tell us a few examples of what you are looking for? 

    •  A bag for phone and makeup storage, that you can take dancing   
    •  A smartphone case with an integrated mirror which helps you to refresh your make up
    •  An innovative powerbank which is not only a battery charger but also a beauty item 
    •  A small torch add-on (e.g. smartphone case with light) which can be used for perfectly exposed selfies           or make up refreshment
    •  And all other products which provide a practical addition to beauty and mobile phone usage

TH: In what ways do you imagine the ideal interpretation of this brief?
An ideal submission would be:
    •    as innovative as possible
    •    with “bling-bling”
    •    out-of-the-box
    •    useful for everyday life


Be sure to check out the congstar Creative Invite for more details. You now have until January 24 to submit!