Hey visual artists, for those of you working on the CÎROC Creative Invite, please read this article to get some exclusive tips and image references directly from CÎROC on what they are looking for in this Creative Invite. Be sure to check this out and the Grapes & Recipes mood boards for inspiration!


TH: What advice would you give to visual artists before they start working on their submissions? (any actions they should keep in mind, any research they should do, etc.)
 Please read the brief thoroughly!
- Refer to Pinterest boards for modern styling and artists we like. (Grapes mood board & Recipes mood board)

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 16.46.31.jpg


TH: What are the 2-3 key things people should take away from this brief when working on their creative?
Vibrant celebrations that hero CÎROC Classic Vodka

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 16.37.15.jpg

- Playful Luxury – Content that feels fun & Inviting

Brand World.png


TH: What do you imagine the ideal interpretation of this brief looking like?
- Fun
- Eye-catching and vibrant

Screen Shot 2018-h01-31 at 16.51.32.jpg


TH: What should creators avoid/what feels off-brand for CÎROC?
Work shouldn’t feel vintage or rustic
- Work should not be low energy
- Work should not revolve around the logo as it will be appearing on owned channels

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Be sure to check out the CÎROC Creative Invite for more details. You have until February 20 to submit!