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Believe it or not, 3D artists actually have some of the broadest most versatile skill sets out there. Other than being spatial and visual creatives, artists with 3D expertise can be extremely advantageous and useful in a variety of industries!
Interested in learning more about how to expand your 3D capabilities outside of your comfort zone? Check out some of the different career paths and industries that require creativity with 3D.

3D artists are the ones who bring architects ideas to life before construction even starts! 3D artists can thrive in this lucrative field by creating 3D digital-scaled models of buildings from blueprints to help clients and architects alike visualize their creations before physically laying down the building’s foundation.


3D Modeling
This is a broad one. 3D Modeling is used in a number of industries and in various different ways ranging from the gaming industry to engineering to advertising. 3D artists help to visualize ideas and products before they even exist and bring adventures to life in video games!

3D Animation
The classic career path for a 3D artist. Creators have the ability to bring characters, scenery, and motion graphics to life through animation and three dimensional design. Whether it’s your next Pixar franchise or Disney Short or an animated company logo, animation brings an extra dimension to 3D art. Check out our curated list of animated shorts by BIPOC creators to check out some great 3D animation work as well!

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Graphic Design
Through 3D modeling, artists can literally bring another dimension to their design work. Packaging design is the most prevalent use-case of 3D. In fact, we’ve launched a few packaging design creative briefs as well! Have you checked out our latest call for packaging design for Rafaello yet?

Visual Effects
While the space travel in Star Wars and fearsome dinosaurs may be as close to real as they can get, we have to give recognition to the role that VFX plays in making these impossible things look and feel real. Want to include an entire army of soldiers for your epic war movie but you only have a couple dozen extras? Bring in the VFX guy!


Augmented Reality
AR is all the rage. Wouldn’t you be excited for the chance to put your creativity to work for the likes of Dua Lipa or the Warrior Cats brand? We certainly know that we were! From face filters for Instagram and Snapchat to augmented reality art exhibitions, there’s no shortage of creativity for 3D artists in the field of Augmented Reality.