Hey all you creatives! Bombay Sapphire wants you to create short animations of one of their three hero cocktails; Gin & Tonic, Negroni or Mule. Create bold, artistic, thumb-stopping animations that bring these famous cocktails to life with Bombay Sapphire Gin. We spoke with the Bombay Sapphire team to get some insights on what they are looking for in these short animations. Have a look at their answers and check out the mood board for inspiration before submitting your animation. 


TH: What one piece of information would you give our Community before starting their work?
BS: At the heart of Bombay Sapphire is a long standing connection to creativity and supporting emerging artists. In 2018 we launched our global mission, 'Stir Creativity' - a call to arms for everyone to engage with their creativity and unlock their creative potential. We want creators to keep this mission front of mind when experimenting and producing animations. We want to see the individual style and creativity of the creator shine through and make us think about our gin and its hero cocktails in new, exciting ways.



TH: The brief asks Creators to produce striking and artistic animations that bring to life Bombay Sapphire's hero cocktails: G&T, Negroni, Mule. What does this mean relating to your brand and how do you see people creating this? 
BS: Bombay Sapphire is a versatile, balanced gin, making it the perfect canvas for cocktail creativity. The G&T, Negroni and Mule are our three hero cocktails and we want to see creators showcase these serves in imaginative ways, considering the sensorial aspects of Bombay Sapphires unique liquid, aromatic botanicals, flavour combinations and perfect presentation. Our gin has endless possibilities for experimentation and we encourage creators to let their creativity run wild with their animations and help show fans of Bombay Sapphire the different ways they can enjoy our gin.



TH: The brief includes the recipes for each of the cocktails. How should creators include this in their work? 
BS: The recipes are there to give creators guidance on how these drinks are made but it is up to the individual how they bring this to life and find an original perspective. We would rather creators use small amounts of text, if any and instead show the recipe in a visual, striking and unusual way.



TH: Creators need to capture the simplicity of making the cocktails in animation form. What do you envision when you ask them to focus on this? 
BS: We want consumers to understand that cocktails are accessible and don’t need to be complicated. The Negroni and Mule are both delicious and simpler to produce than people realise and they are not just reserved for bartenders. We want creators to depict the simple list of ingredients and show how easy they are to mix and prepare, therefore encouraging consumers to make these themselves at home and elevate their drinking experiences when entertaining or relaxing.

BS: Here are three examples from Pinterest & the mood board, which perfectly capture the style we are looking for: 





TH: Is there anything the community should stay away from when creating their animations? 
BS: We wouldn’t ask the community to stay away from anything in particular, however we would love them to consider bold, modern lines and contemporary styling, focusing on the Bombay Sapphire brand world colours and style. Our bottle is an iconic shape and as everyone knows, blue, so we would love to see these elements communicated in the animations.

Submissions for the Bombay Sapphire Creative Brief close on January 17 at 5pm London local time. We can't wait to see all your short animations!