Hey, Creatives! BI X is inviting you to create bright and bold geometric visuals that capture their key themes. We spoke with the BI X team to get some exclusive insights on what they are looking for in their Creative Brief. Check out their responses below to help you develop your artwork.

TH: Why did you approach the Talenthouse creative community for this brief?
BI X: We are looking for original artwork that could really reflect the brand in a bold and agile way. The idea was that it would make the brand stand out if the artwork was front and centre on the website.



TH: The brief mentions to ‘capture the digital nature of this brand through elements and icons’ and not use stereotypical healthcare icons. Thinking about this, what would you like to see in a submission?
BI X: Stay away from stereotypical healthcare iconography - pills, stethoscope, syringe. It would be great to see the interpretation of digital healthcare and digital innovation.

TH: The moodboard provided shows examples of how you would like submissions to be bold and colourful. Can you share any other visual aids to help Creators understand the style you want to achieve?
BI X: No additional visual aids than those in the moodboard. Please do look at the current phase 1 website - your images will be living on there, so make sure that your submissions would suit the look and feel. NOTE: the images that are currently used will be replaced with the submissions.
Also, think about the following when developing your designs: 

Emotional human contact.
Human and animals living as one.
Technology/digital at work.
Adding personality.

“At BI X we are here to help humans and animals lead healthy lives and co-exist We do this via digital – pixels, data, apps and algorithms. We obsess over the details, we are passionate because we care.”

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 13.18.04.png

TH: Thinking about your themes is there any further information you can provide that really captures the essence of BI X as a brand?
BI X: The byte and pixel revolutionaries; Health evolution for both human and animal kind.

TH: What do you envision as the perfect submission for this campaign?
BI X: One that captures all of the above in a stylistic and most simple way - staying close to the brand guidelines and colours.

TH: Is there anything creators should completely avoid when developing their work?
Please do not redesign the logo.
Please avoid tiling pattern style illustration.

Submissions for the BI X Creative Brief close on September 29 at 5 pm London local time. Hurry, don't miss out!