Hey all you creatives! Ballantine's is back with a new amazing opportunity for you to design the bottle label and box packaging for their new Limited Edition whisky - 'Orchard Fruits.' We spoke with the Ballantine's team to get some exclusive insights on what they are looking for in this Ballantine's Limited Edition packaging design Creative Invite. Check out their answers below; be sure to use this bottle label and box template (CS6 files) when submitting, and to take a look at the mood board for inspiration! 


TH: Is there anything about this Ballantine’s 18 Years Old, that the creators should know before they start their designs?
Ballantine’s: Ballantine’s 21 Years Old is rich, balanced and luxurious, with wonderful depth of flavour. When tasting this whisky, you can get a variety of different notes, including aromatic spice, honey-sweetness, a wonderful nuttiness and bountiful fruitiness. It is the latter that we focus on in with the Orchard Fruits edition, as we celebrate the classic Speyside malt influence in the blend.

TH: Below are examples of design submitted to previous Ballantine’s Creative Invite - what is it about these designs what captures prestige so well?
Ballantine’s: These examples show a flowing elegance in their design, not only capturing the essence of the flavour notes, but also capturing the blend of flavours and the mastery behind crafting a whisky such as this. Depth, balance and layers are all terms that we apply to aged Ballantine’s blends, but are all concepts that can be translated into the pack design.

Design by Eduardo Chaves

Design by Irina Shvarts

Design by Mira Stankovic

TH: How do you see the Talenthouse community capturing prestige and sophistication in their designs inspired by the Orchard Fruits flavour notes?
Ballantine’s: Designers can take inspiration from not only the moodboard, but also the two previous Signature Flavour Editions, which all convey richness of colour, depth of texture and a high level of intricacy in the design elements. All these qualities come together to reflect the prestige of Ballantine’s and the sophistication of the liquid inside the bottle, which has developed its complex flavour over 21 years in the cask.
In addition to this, both the Warming Spices & Golden Zest Editions used gold in a subtle way to accent and elevate the depictions of the flavour notes, which could be used as another device to denote prestige.

TH: Below are some examples of creators who have submitted designs that are inspired by flavour note, but in an abstract, elegant way. How do you see creators capturing the flavour notes of Orchard Fruits in their designs?
Ballantine’s: As with the creation of the whisky itself, it is about being delicate and nuanced in the implementation of the design. These examples show how colour is used to subtly evoke not only the flavour notes themselves, but the season that grow in or the landscape from which they came, all whilst keeping the idea rooted in the whisky world. We have had some fantastic designs for the last two editions and we greatly look forward to seeing what will be produced for Orchard Fruits.

Design by Vlad Sidorak

Ballantine's Complex Spices 02.jpg
Design by Amber Morris

Design by Katerina Sidorova

TH: Is there anything that would feel off brand or off brief that creators should know about before starting their design?
Ballantine’s: Our world is simple yet elevated, classic yet contemporary. Ballantine’s is not afraid to be different. Going against traditional luxury codes, we operate in an understated way.
Driven by a passion for craft and with a strong self-belief, Ballantine’s has hidden power and works to the principle of “know, not show“ by relying on its expertise to shine through without showing off or trying too hard.
Keep this in mind, and you’ll capture the brand.

Submissions for the Ballantine's Limited Edition packaging design Creative Invite close on August 27 at 5pm London local time. Don't forget this brief is only open to creators that are at least 25 years of age at the time of entry. We can't wait to see your brilliant submissions!