Our friends at Reality.House have launched a FREE program with Facebook Spark AR to encourage you to learn how to make your own augmented reality effects and filters. With this bespoke course, it has never been easier for first-time creators to make their own effects. All you need is seven hours and plenty of imagination!
In case you missed it, we are sharing the recordings of the IG Lives from top AR creators below!

Introduction to the Reality.House x Facebook Spark AR programme
To celebrate the launch of the Reality.House x Facebook Spark AR programme; we share insight into what to expect and what you need to do to get involved to create your first AR effect! 


Inspiration session with Isabelle Udo (Official Spark AR Partner)
Be inspired by Isabelle Udo an Official Spark AR Partner, showing how easy it is to get started in Facebook Spark AR and create your first AR effect! 


Talks with a 2D Creator - DODDZ (Official Spark AR Partner)
Join us as we interview a 2D creator DODDZ who describes his journey in AR from inspiration to production. This is perfect if you are a 2D/graphic designer and want to learn how your skills can be applied in Augmented Reality!


Tips & Tricks with Christian Venables (Spark AR Creator)
Join us for this insightful session as Christian shares his top tips and tricks to help you complete your first AR effect!


If you’re new to AR, there is an exciting opportunity for you to get involved in an open brief - after you complete the Spark AR Course and submit your first AR effect to the Talenthouse open brief you could be awarded $500!



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