BIPOC animators are historically underrepresented and often not given the recognition and accolades they deserve. But we all know that doesn’t mean they’re not equally as talented or deserve the spotlight the way other animators do.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and put together a quick list of some great animated shorts by creators of color for your viewing pleasure. Check out what the TLNT team has been watching outside of our day-to-day below!


Hair Love

2020 Oscar award winning animated short by film director and former professional athlete Matthew A Perry. In 2017, Cherry created a Kickstarter campaign for a short animated film called Hair Love. The campaign surpassed its initial goal of $75,000 and raised over $300,000. According to Kickstarter, that exceeds the amount raised by any other short film project on the platform. 


Heroes of Color (Episode 1: Harlem Hellfighters)

We’re huge fans of Heroes of Color by David Heredia. This series of informative (and exciting) animated shorts sings the diverse and untold stories of heroes such as the Harlem Hellfighters, Gasper Yanga, and Dr. Antonio Pantoja.

“An instructional video series (done in whiteboard animation style) that highlights the outstanding achievements of people of color in and out of the military. This series creates an opportunity to celebrate our courage, perseverance and intellect.”


The Mighty Grand Piton

“The Mighty Grand Piton is the brainchild of Wesley Louis of The Line, whose parents were born in Saint Lucia before moving to the UK. Connie, whose character is based on an amalgamation of Wes’s nieces and nephews, is also an embodiment of his own experience of visiting the Caribbean. 

Specifically, the story references his memories of engaging with a culture and community that he grew up just hearing about. We also get a sense in this film what it was like seeing for the first time a landscape that could not be more different from where he was born in London.”


Feels Like Summer by Childish Gambino

Take a walk through a rap, R&B, and hip hop hall of fame with artist Donald Glover or Childish Gambino. We were absolute hypnotized by this animated music video, directed by Donald Glover, Ivan Dixon, and Greg Sharp. The character design was done by artist Justin Richburg—how many faces do you recognize?


Belly Flop

'Belly Flop' is a heart-warming animated short film about Penny, a fearless young girl learning to dive, unperturbed by a talented diver who keeps stealing the spotlight. This uplifting short film was made by Triggerfish Animation Studios, one of the leading animations studios in South Africa!

 “After winning seven international awards and screening at over 60 festivals around the world, including its closing ceremony debut at the Annecy animation fest, CG animated short Belly Flop is now streaming on YouTube.” 

What have you been watching? How have you been diversifying the media that you are consuming and the artists that you are following? Share with us in the comments below!