We’ve recently launched a new Creative Invite for Amazon Prime Video’s new original series, Mirzapur. Here are 3 things you should know before you start working on the brief!


TH: What are the key features that Amazon Prime Video is looking for in the Mirzapur submissions?
Not for the faint-hearted, Amazon Prime Video’s new brand new original series Mirzapur is full of heart-pounding action, revenge and gore. We’re looking for creative submissions that will bring to live the terror and drama in the world of Mirzapur, the characters that make the story, the exploitation, the mafia and gun lords. Caste, power, egos and tempers intersect and violence is the only way of life.
Ultimately we want imagery that will excite viewers and entice them to catch the series on Amazon Prime Video!  Also, do note that you are not to use the official photos directly in your submission.



TH: What should creator's avoid/what would feel off-brand for Mirzapur?
AP: It’s important to note that all visuals do not showcase any national political and religious connotations, including flags and maps. Also, while blood spill is expected in Mirzapur submissions should not include or reference ‘active violence’, which shows a person, animal or property in the process of being injured or destroyed. Submissions however can include characters holding the gun. 



TH: What media formats and styles are you looking for?
AP:  We’re really excited to see everyone’s entries and as this is a multi-media brief we’re expecting both static (jpegs) and moving images (gifs, videos). We’d love to see variations of illustration, digital, vector art and much more. Take our breath away!


Don’t forget to check out the Mirzapur Creative Invite for more details. Submissions close on Wednesday, November 21!