Hey all you artists and creatives worldwide, Lindt is inviting you to create a limited edition design of the iconic Gold Bunny! Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of Lindt's Easter Gold Bunny's history. Check out this exclusive interview with Lindt including tips and insights on what they are looking for in your submissions. Take a look! 


TH: Can you tell us the short history of the Lindt Gold Bunny and what makes him so special?
The Lindt Gold Bunny was invented in Germany more than 60 years ago and is therefore one of the most traditional products of Lindt & Sprüngli. Meanwhile he is the most known Easter bunny worldwide and unlike any other figure in the market, the Lindt Gold Bunny is a universal Easter icon. Around the world he is part of the family celebrations. Over time also the Gold Bunny family has grown: there are different sizes, recipes, packaging format and lately also design editions, so everyone can find a version that is perfect for themselves. His clear USP’s are the golden foil and his bell on the red ribbon which make him not only visibly distinctive but also acoustically.

TH: What is unique about the "Limited Edition" Lindt Gold Bunny?
The Lindt Gold Bunny is inextricably linked with Easter and stands for a traditional Easter festivity. He is loved by families and mainly bought by an older target group, e.g. grandparents. However, these days many people do not celebrate Easter in a traditional way anymore, especially the younger generation of couples or singles without children.
So the question for us was how to reach this target group? What are they interested in during spring time? What would be the right offer for them? Research has revealed that focussing on fashion and lifestyle topics is the most promising approach. And so the Lindt Gold Bunny Limited Edition was born: A trendily designed Gold Bunny which can be either a stylish decoration item for your own home or a creative gift for friends and family. He is still the Lindt Gold Bunny with his unique characteristics but now presented in a version that also appeals to a younger target group without traditional Easter bonding.



TH: What 5 words would you use to describe the Lindt Gold Bunny?

  • Easter Icon – presents Easter like no other chocolate product and simply belongs to it
  • Emotional – strongly linked with childhood memories and brings you the ultimate Easter emotion, joy and happiness
  • Traditional – over 60 years in the market and a ritual to Easter
  • Timeless classic – cross-generational symbol for Easter
  • Cult status – most known Easter bunny worldwide with his golden foil and bell on a red ribbon  

TH: What advice would you give to artists before they start working on their submissions?
As leaves are turning yellow, red and brown outside and temperatures are falling, it is not so easy to get into the right spring mood at the moment. However, as we work on Easter topics 12 months a year we can assure you: it is possible!
Try to think of all the nice things that belong to a perfect spring time for you: What makes this time of the year special for you? What symbolizes nature awakening for you? What brings you into a good mood and gives you the ultimate Easter emotion? How should a Lindt Gold Bunny Limited Edition look like so you would use it as decoration in your own home? Or how would the perfect Lindt Gold Bunny look like so you would give it to your best friend?



TH: What are you expecting from the Talenthouse artists?
For us it is important to see that you look beyond the obvious. We would like to see approaches that are out of the box and different from the existing Lindt Gold Bunny Editions. We are curious for submissions that interpret “spring time” in a completely new way that we haven’t seen so far. Surprise us! Looking forward to your designs!

Be sure to check out Lindt Gold Bunny Creative Invite for more details. You have until November 28th to submit!