Hey you! Are you planning on participating in our adidas UltraBOOST 19 Creative Invite? We spoke to the adidas Team to get some exclusive insights on what they're looking for in the submissions, so check it out! Be sure to take a look at the Design Guide and Mood Board before you begin your submission. 


TH: What should artists know about adidas' new UltraBOOST shoe before starting their submission?
AD: Although UltraBOOST was already a game changer in the running world, adidas didn’t want to sit still. Following 3 years of conversations with more than 4,000 runners, they’ve taken on board what it takes to make the perfect running shoe. Reboosting the original model into the UltraBOOST 19 with more energy and more responsiveness. It’s been reconstructed from 17 pieces to just 4 cutting-edge components:
1) Optimized BOOST, with 20% more BOOST in the midsole to inject more energy into each step.
2) This works alongside a brand-new Torsion Spring to propel you forward effortlessly. The result of this high-tech configuration is a shoe that blasts back more energy and moves with you, so every stride is full of power and no energy is wasted in the transition.
3) With regards to the fit, the 3D Heel Frame cradles the foot on impact, providing enhanced support and stability for a more confident run.
4) The pioneering one-piece Primeknit 360 upper snugly wraps the foot for enhanced support and lightweight comfort. The adidas Ultraboost 19 was inspired by, and made for, a new era of running. A type of running that is more creative, sociable and open than ever before.



TH: The main element of the key visual is the step movement (the V shape), and you are looking for artists to re-create this in their own artistic style. What are the main things artist should capture in this step movement section of the design?
AD: The touch and go illustration depicts energy and action. What goes in, comes out bigger/better/faster/stronger. This could be interpreted in different ways – for example is the explosion part London, with energy going in and the shoe bouncing out? Or it could be a trail of London’s energy left behind the shoe?
TH: How do you see 'London energy' being interpreted in the step movement section of submission?
AD: No preference if it’s the full trail, or just a part of it (e.g. explosion).
Here are some keywords to inspire thoughts around London energy: dynamic, fast, loud, diverse, vibrant, unpredictable, intense, frenetic, evolving. 
And consider what makes London these things. For example, transport, the commute, the distance, the parks, art, different neighbourhoods, the markets and eateries, fashion, music, landscape. We’re not looking to see touristy London, but the real London. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 4.46.09 PM.png

TH: How do you see a submission capturing energy, vibrance and culture?
AD: This could be through action, thoughts, landscape, day vs night, running, graphics, fast/speed. They might focus on different neighbourhoods or boroughs within the city.
TH: What would the ideal submissions look like to you?
AD: A clear depiction of the shoe responding from London and it’s energy. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 4.45.56 PM.png


Images for Inspiration: 

3D inspiration - #1227 – From up North (1).jpeg


Raul Urias via @pristinaorg.jpeg

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Submissions for the adidas UltraBOOST 19 Creative Invite close on February 18 at 10am PST. Don't miss out!